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We are well into spring here in Kobe, and I can’t help feeling cheerful and optimistic as the cold days of winter melt into the warm days and chilly nights of spring. 310 more words

Hokkaido Day 2

I think Japanese scores well in packaging. Everything is so petite, cute and irresistible! Even yogurts!

My idea of a good breakfast for the day! 197 more words


Me until you see me

This made me smile. This little girl was enjoying herself until she realized that other people noticed, or at least a tall man with a camera down the road.

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My feet carried me down the road, which was illuminated by the oddly unreal light of the moon, and into the woods. Beneath that moonlight, all sounds bore a strange reverberation.

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Goodbye is not a sad word (Or is it?)

On 10.04.2014, fade announced their upcoming hiatus.

I will not deny that there were signs, it was somewhat predictable but I still cannot come to terms with it and it makes me sad. 1,206 more words


Doraemon x Akira

Doraemon goes head-to-head with Akira at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games

Despite being over 30 years old, Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga masterpiece, Akira, still dominates mainstream media today. 201 more words


Bōsōzoku (暴走族) Japanese biker gangs

Bōsōzoku (暴走族, literally “reckless tribe”) is a Japanese youth subculture associated with customized motorcycles.

The first bosozoku started popping up in Japan in the 1950s when Japan’s automobile industry started to expand. 1,064 more words