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Rock band KISS collaborating with Sailor Moon Crystal's Momoiro Clover Z

The U.S. rock band KISS is no stranger to merchandise collaborations with Japan, but the maskedglam rock band is marking its first time working with a Japanese musical artist with a new single next year. 226 more words




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And all this time I thought Jack Kerouac only had an affinity for the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America, sleeping, and food. Come to find out, he also has an affinity for the camera. Or, to him, is it merely a pillow...

Delay announced for US-Japan Defense Guideline's final report

Today, officials from the U.S. and Japan announced their decision to delay the final report on the revision of the Guidelines for U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation scheduled for release later this month. 109 more words

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Friday Night Dinner at Phada's Pad Thai & Spicy

Sincerely praying to the Gods that I don’t end up 600lbs by the time we leave Japan because the food we had tonight at Phada’s Pad Thai and Spicy is just the place that will have me there 3 times a week stuffing my face like I just returned from a Third World country.. 488 more words