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A good reading of the day / 日々を新ためる言葉

The verdict goes: The right to humanity should naturally be priotised over resuming nuclear power plants

ふるえる言葉 resonating Words

Voyages and Other Pertinent Nouns

As I sit here, clothes strewn about and assorted important documents a-flutter, I realize I should be in bed. Big day tomorrow. Not as in large or over-sized, but perhaps ponderous. 361 more words



Unlike Kyoto and Tokyo, I have rather mixed feelings towards Hiroshima. On one hand, I have fond memories of Hiroshima. It was my first time travelling for more than a day on my own and I remember the very nice hostel staff Hiroko who went out of her way to book my accommodation at Tottori, the fellow travellers who hung out with me - Christina from Germany who hung out with me in the evenings and in Miyajima and Aoi from Kawaguchi who drank Japanese beer with me at night. 934 more words


Autumn Red.

Pretty pink cosmoses. I found these on the side of a path when I visited to Nagasaki in Fall season.


Purple color is so deep. What is this flower? 52 more words

Yumi's Blog

Home Away from Home

It’s been two years since I was last in Tokyo, but as soon as I arrived, I felt right at home. It helps that Japan is probably the most polite and hospitable country in the world. 960 more words


Friday Flicks: Glasslip

I have been waiting for “Glasslip” to come out for like EVEEEER! I’ve never really watched a slice-of-life anime, it’s usually just magic or something like that. 183 more words


Saying my farewells - Day 323

Don’t panic!! I’m not leaving Japan for another 6 weeks or so but for some of my friends, this week is their last.

I had my last “exam” on Wednesday, which was a presentation. 600 more words