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Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships

It’s not very rare to see half or mixed children around you. More and more people are having interracial marriages and relationships.

I am currently in an interracial relationship. 270 more words


Don't all Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people look alike?

Growing up in a predominantly white and hispanic community, I’ve been asked numerous times, “don’t all Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people look alike?” Now that I’m in college where everyone is much more mature, no one says this because it’s in fact rude (but most Eastern Asians say all white guys look the same; it’s the same idea). 172 more words


Japanese Hair

Strange title, yes. Growing up as the only Japanese student in my elementary class, many classmates and even my mother’s friends commented on how rich and silky my dark, long hair was. 173 more words


"Shut It Down"

I’ve taken a brief hiatus. From the blog, clearly, but more so from life—I’ve been disconnected, I don’t email back, I don’t text back, I’m just… disconnected. 608 more words


Jan. 14: Japanese Americans and Trans-Pacific Christianities

For this class, we are going to read four short stories from Aiiieeeee!:

  • John Okada, No-No Boy (selections)
  • Momoka Ura, The Gold Watch (Act I)
  • 197 more words