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This is a clip of my cousin Jeff retelling what my grandparents had told him about camp life.  Notice how different their perspectives were even though they lived through it together.   184 more words

A Busy Start to November!

The Center started November off with a series of fun events for families and art lovers. On November 2nd, as part of the downtown-wide First Sundays program and in conjunction with the Dia de los Muertos festivities at White Park, the Center hosted more than 240 kids and adults in a mask-making party. 334 more words

Reunion of WWII veterans in Las Vegas

In October we were able to attend the Friends and Family of Nisei Veterans annual reunion of veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team/100th Battalion and the Military Intelligence Service.   34 more words

Visiting Topaz and Manzanar Relocation Camps

This summer I visited Topaz, Utah where my family was incarcerated and Manzanar, California probably one of the most famous of the 10 camps.  Initially the camps were built from the same basic design by the War Relocation Authority, but each camp took on a look and identity of its own.   95 more words

I wrote this essay, but it doesn't fit the assignment well enough...scrapped.

Homeless At Home

            The beginning of large scale Asian immigration into the United States started around the 1850’s, but their reception was unlike that of fellow white immigrants, instead they faced huge quantities of racism, lower wages and a lack of belonging. 2,347 more words