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Kickin The Wrong Dog ... Sell It Somewhere Else.

Black people are not the ONLY RACE being jacked around in America.  Stop … Look around.  Start with Native American’s … Try life on a reservation with no running water.   491 more words




Initially the berry farm capital of southern California, Gabrielino Indians (also known as the Tongva Indians) first inhabited what is today Gardena. Spanish and American settlers bought the land in the 1800s. 600 more words


"Judging The Supreme Court": A Disturbing Picture, The Court Is Guilty Of Failing To Adequately Enforce The Constitution

After 227 years of history, how should we judge the United States Supreme Court? All of my years of studying, teaching, and practicing Constitutional law have convinced me that the Supreme Court has rarely lived up to lofty expectations and far more often has upheld discrimination and even egregious violations of… 703 more words


Book review: Hunt for the Bamboo Rat, by Graham Salisbury

Salisbury, Graham. Hunt for the Bamboo Rat. Wendy Lamb/Random House. 2014. $16.99. 323p. 978-0-375-84266-5. Ages 11-15:

Noted for the excitement in his books and the accurate ethnic characterizations, Salisbury doesn’t disappoint in this novel about a 17-year-old Japanese-American living in Hawaii who enters World War II as a spy. 93 more words

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