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Art on Tuesday: After the Bath

This ukiyo e is made by Torii Kotondo. After the Bath is its title. I like the abstract woodblock painting and the natural appearance of the woman. 23 more words


Art on Tuesday: Concert

These woodblock prints are painted by Gakutei Yashima 岳亭 八島 (1786 ? – 1868) approximately around 1827.

On the left side you see “A woman playing a large suspended drum (tsuridaiko)”, on the right side there is a “Girl with a Flute”. 99 more words


Art on Tuesday: Bon Festival

“Bon” 盆 is a traditional and very important summer festival in Japan, occurring in Mid-July and August every year. It is also called Lantern Festival. The Japanese believe, that the spirits of their ancestors are visiting their relatives on earth at this time. 120 more words


Takafumi Asakura revisits ancient Byobu and Jiku

Using a single type of black sumi ink, the artist is able to produce Nihonga paintings (made in accordance with traditional artistic conventions, techniques and materials) on… 280 more words


'Ink floating' paintings by Ryosaku Kotaka

His works combine ancient Japanese painting philosophy with imaginative contemporary. Suminagashi (‘ink-floating’) is the name given to the ancient Japanese technique of decorating paper with ink, which was practiced in the 12th century. 42 more words


Rie Yamada appeals to strictly traditional Japanese painting style in creating his art

Rie Yamada uses vivid colours to compose paintings where flowers are the main subject. Her works are full of the typical magnificence and elegance that characterize traditional Japanese paintings, … 8 more words


Traditional Japanese washi technique in Mao Nakada's art

Mao Nakada is a Japanese artist who uses the traditional washi technique to create suggestive modern surrealistic drawings.

The term composed by wa, meaning Japanese, and… 79 more words