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A La Zagat: Izanagi - Omigoto!!

Izanagi (19B Idejo Street, Lagos; +234 706 222 2222) is a Japanese restaurant, that was opened as an addition to the Piccolo Mondo family. 962 more words

Light meals at The Habitat Japanese

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on Japanese food so here’s one. I found The Habitat Japanese while searching for new places to eat in Wan Chai. 335 more words

Homemade Sushi: Date Night

A little while ago, when my family came to visit, I enlisted my brother’s help to gather supplies for a surprise for my husband.

Since my brother spend a semester abroad in Japan, and has made sushi several times before, I asked him to take me to a local international market to gather supplies so that I could make homemade sushi with my husband for a less expensive and fun date night.   251 more words

Main Course

Japanese Shaved Ice Puts Slush Puppies to Shame

This coming from a guy who loves a good Slush Puppy — preferably Smurf-hued and from a gas station.

(pic via)

But during my first summer in Japan, my palate for syrup-drenched ice dishes evolved to new levels of sophistication, thanks to kakigori, Japan’s luxe version of a snow cone. 265 more words


Zen Serenity

My main goal for this visit this time round was to try sushi. Once upon a time I drew the line on not eating anything raw, meat-wise that is. 994 more words

Customer Service

Dreaming of Sushi

If you haven’t seen the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” I highly recommend it. I sat in awe watching Jiro Ono, an 85 year old man, and the only sushi chef with three Michelin stars, prepare cuisine for his patrons. 479 more words


Syogetsu's Wagashi (嘯月 の 和菓子), Kyoto

The first owner trained at Toraya before moving on to start Syogetsu in 1916. The shop moved to its current location in 1988, specializing in making pre-ordered wagashi (Japanese sweets). 499 more words

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