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Katsudon (Vegetarian Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl)

As you might know, Japanese cuisine is not the most Vegetarian friendly food in the world.  It was a boring and rainy Sunday, when I decided to try a typical hearty Japanese rice meal turned into a Veg version. 293 more words

Japanese Cuisine

GEKKEIKAN: Gensen-Sozai Junmai & Kome To Mizu Junmai





  • 14% alcohol content
  • Full bodied 
  • Dry





As the classification ‘Junmai’ suggests, this crystal clear Sake is heavily influenced by the rice used and has a denser and full-bodied flavour than most premium Sakes. 359 more words



To abate the sorrow inside I used to sketch on my laptop with a tiny wacom which my boyfriend gave me not long ago. Concentrating on the shapes and colors will lessens my unsure feeling about recent life events. 79 more words

As Suggested by a Friend

Recommended by a friend of The Cat.

From Shokudo (1585 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawai’i). Only available for lunch.

Sorry to say, did not meet The Cat’s expectations. 104 more words


GYO: little japanese dessert platter

What perky little delicate bundles of joys these are!

The first time I tried tofu cheesecake was at GYO, Townsville – the best Japanese restaurant here! 273 more words


Sushi Mori, Hong Kong

Revisiting Sushi Mori again. Nothing much has changed, everything is still enjoyable. Some updates on photography. 63 more words

Hong Kong

Omurice Attempt #1

I had previously mentioned trying Omurice during my visit to Japan so I thought, why not try to make it myself? During my first attempt, it went better than expected when it came to creating the fried rice inside the omelette but as you can see the smiley face looked more like the joker. 45 more words

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