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【TBT】Tipping in Japan: Yes, it exists and it’s confusing

Flipping through any travel guide about Japan you will learn that Japan is a country where tipping is non-existent. Leaving your change on the table at a restaurant may result in the waiter chasing you down to give it back. 682 more words


組合点(風炉)・Kumiawasedate (Furo)


We have previously practiced kumiawasedate with ro a few times, but it has been quite some time with furo.

組合点は、建水が特別なもの(名物、由緒あるもの等)の場合にされます。点前の前の仕組みは 106 more words

San Francisco

Let's talk about Japanese food.

I might be serious saying I will make a list of ”To Eat” before going to Japan.

First number I would write Okonomiyaki. I can’t explain why I am so interested in it, but it’s like a favourite Japanese dish. 162 more words


Experiencing Japan Airlines (JAL) and Landing in Narita Airport

Basically, I will be sharing my experience with my ride with Japanese Airlines. So we flew from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at approximately 9 in the morning. 497 more words


Kimonos on Wednesday? An Iwasa Misaki Special

I enjoy the kimonos and Enka-ballads of Isaw Misaki so much that I will extend my “Kimonos on Monday” all the way to Wednesday!

The Enka-ballads that Wasamin sings when solo are very much different from the J-Pop of AKB48.   156 more words


Applied Multimedia & Design-Week 4-Completed book binding

This was my first attempt at completing this book, first of all a big thanks to my Professor Mrs. Kerri Percy, who stayed late on Tuesday to help me out with getting things started and really working with me on this class due to my work schedule. 294 more words

Women Playing Men Romancing Other Women: Takarazuka Revue

The all-female Japanese musical theatre group known as the Takarazuka Revue could perhaps best be summed up as ‘restrained’, ‘subtle’, and ‘understated’ in style.