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Kakiawasenuri To’uyama makie ko’ugo’u


This ko’ugo’u was a gift from a friend.  It was a party favor when the previous Urasenke Grand Master visited San Francisco.  108 more words

San Francisco

The Art of Tsukemono

Tsukemono, Japanese pickled foods, is a lesser known practice to westerners. You have probably seen them in pictures of food or along food you’ve ordered, but most people don’t realize what they are or why they’re there. 118 more words

Marine Day!

So in keeping with my time-honored, accidental tradition of waiting a week, or up to a month to update my blog, I’m going to talk about Marine Day, which took place on July 21st! 581 more words

Japanese Culture

Ancient arts: Japanese calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of the great Japanese arts. This is exemplified in the Japanese word for calligraphy, shodō 書道. The second kanji of the word, 道, means road. 856 more words


Harajuku - Famous Fashion District in Japan

So where was the term “Harajuku” actually was coined? It came from the name of one of the famous fashion districts in Japan, Harajuku. When I went here, there’s lotta outfits here and really really has great so much cute and beautiful and cool style. 173 more words


Fast Food at Triton Square, Tokyo (Near Harumi Grand Hotel)

So how is fast food like in Triton Square? It’s actually great. Payment mode is different. There is a vendo machine wherein you get to put your money and get to have a sort of “prepaid card” and use them to buy from all the establishments here. 75 more words


A Visit to Asakusa

This place is actually a temple place and is a great place for knowing and seeing the traditional culture of Japan. There are many shops here that  sells Japanese pastries, Japanese Kimono and other cultural items. 407 more words