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The Voice and Bean Eat Out: Yo! Sushi, West Quay, Southampton

The voices were out window shopping for cot beds for me the other day. Apparently that’s what I’m going to sleep in once I’m in the new space. 1,293 more words


Exciting Sushi at Sushiro

I finally went to Sushiro (スシロー) for the first time. Sushiro is a popular conveyor-belt sushi (回転寿司/kaiten zushi) chain. I’ve only started eating sushi fairly recently, so the only conveyor-belt sushi chain I had had experience with was… 397 more words


Spicy Pork, Bamboo Shoot and Bell Peppers on Rice

On-the-rice bento once again. I cooked some pork with bamboo shoot and bell peppers with Doubanjiang (chili broad bean paste). Yes, a spicy dish. I first heated Doubanjiang in oil and added pork, bamboo shoot and bell peppers. 38 more words


Sweet and Sour Bento

Hi guys! I made another bento lunch for me and Sam today and here it is!

•seasoned onigiri
•sliced apple
•kicap manis
•soy sauce
•vegetable gyoza… 10 more words

Making My First Homemade Dorayaki :3

Well….. I think they didn’t turn out awesome.
Anyways, those little bad boys actually tasted not bad :) …
This Dorayaki recipe is really simple since I use instant pancake flour instead of making everything from scratch, lol~ 180 more words


Kobe Jones - Land & Sea Banquet (12 courses), Sydney

A couple of weeks ago exams had just finished, I got a new job *woot woot* & things were happening! So my homegirl & I thought why not treat ourselves to something a lil’ fancy schmancy. 799 more words


Ginza Bairin

“A pharmacist by training, the epicurean Nobukatsu Shibuya desired not only to delight the tastebuds but to improve the body’s health as well. Ginza Bairin was born in 1927.” 284 more words

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