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An Inconvenient Truth

The other day, I tried to convince myself that convenience stores in America were just as good as those in Japan.

Have I ever been more wrong.


Safety in Japan: This is why we shouldn't wear panties.

A woman in Tokyo had her underwear stolen from her by a creepy perv on Monday night.


4 Simple Games That Work In The Classroom

After teaching in Japan for almost 8 years, as an Eikaiwa, dispatch and now licensed classroom teacher, there are four games I continually return to for their ease of preparation, and adaptability to almost any lesson. 776 more words


Things That Annoy Me : Coins

So, as I mentioned before moved to Japan recently and probably will be staying here for quite a while. Everything has been going well since I got here. 565 more words

A Year and Stuff

I have a much different tone of this same post in another draft folder. In that post, I don more of a suit and tie, and speak like a best man at someone’s wedding: make fun of yourself, the ones you love and the future that’s yet untold. 585 more words

JET Program

A Tale of Perseverance

Now, for the other reason I haven’t been writing as much: I just got an internship! I’m not sure how much at liberty I am to say exactly where, but maybe I’ll have a chance to write about the experience in the future. 1,404 more words

Japanese Life

A Tale of Endurance

There are two reasons why I haven’t been writing as much on this blog. And we’re going go over one of them today.

I officially have a black belt in Judo!

Japanese Life