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You know you're living in Japan when...

Stumbled into the kitchen to skull back some coke… accidentally skulled back some soy sauce instead. Lesson learnt. #saltyas #japanlife

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15 Things I've Mostly Been Doing For The Past 2 Weeks

1.  Saying “Hajimemashite, watashi wa Francesca des, dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu” roughly 30 times a day….and pretty much screwing up the “dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu” every.single.time.

2. Wearing size 5 slippers on my size 10 feet as I walk around school…I keep forgetting to bring my indoor shoes to my other schools and have to borrow the visitor slippers..which are super awkward to wear when trying to go upstairs as my feet have to go into a claw shape to get the slippers to stay on. 317 more words


A Weekend In Tokyo

After my first full week of work and things beginning to be a bit more settled. I decided to make the trip down to Tokyo for a weekend of exploring. 2,057 more words

JET Programme

8 Things I Now Know About Teaching In Japan

For the last 2 days, me and 9 other JETs have been on an English camp for a local school in the Ibaraki prefecture. English camp is a fairly common occurrence in Japan…not all schools do them…but basically it involves a class of students (in my case roughly 40) taking a bus out to a conference center and then having students partake in various written and verbal English activities… the camp I was on was 2 days all up and we stayed over night in the hotel upstairs. 518 more words

JET Programme

"But we got to play": Haikyu!! and the Dynamics of Japanese School Sports

Recently, I’ve been pretty into watching an anime called Haikyu!!. The story follows the lovable scamp named Hinata: a dude who loves volleyball and wants to become the star on his high school team. 1,459 more words


Re blog: Seijinshiki: ‘Coming of Age’ in Japan, from the eyes of a foreigner (成人式)

I’ve been loving this young American woman’s blog about her life in Japan… this post I think will be particularly interesting to my friend Lynne, so thought I’d share it on here! 32 more words

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Expectravaganza Part 2: My Ordinary Life

Read part one of Expectravaganza here.

Hey, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been having a blast with a case of the stomach flu. 1,203 more words

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