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Close look at the 86

This is not a real post, but is a collection of images of the AE86. One of the most iconic cars in the last decade. After visiting Carland Kyoto I also decided to post this photos, just like a closer look of the Toyota most famous car. 21 more words

JDM Scene

Tokyo Takedown

Despite how much I try to travel around Japan, I have to say I have overly neglected the eastern part of the country. Sure, I spent a couple days in Tokyo during the initial JET orientation, but I can’t say I really count those as we barely had enough time to get out of the hotel and explore. 1,637 more words

Japanese Life

How to Make Matcha (Green Tea)

I went to a sushi train one day and they had a container of matcha and a hot water tap at every table. The first thing I learnt: the amount of powder you put in is tiny. 422 more words

Green Tea

That racer in the City

I consider the third generation of Civic the real father of tuning for Honda. From early 80′s this car has been used in whole country for racing inside and inside the tracks.

JDM Scene

Mark X. Sitting right

Japanese sedans are so cool, and in many occasions they are never available for sale outside the JDM country. The Mark X is one of my favorites, one of them because the Crown is probables the most desirable sedan for sale here.

JDM Scene

Colonel Sanders is Cursing a Japanese Baseball Team from Beyond the Grave

Colonel Harlan Sanders; Southern gentleman, purveyor of tasty fried chicken, creepy statue found outside Japanese KFC restaurants and, apparently, curse of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team.