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Multiculturalism or Anti-Multiculturalism in Japan

by Naresh Kumar

The Japanese version of multiculturalism is anti-multiculturalism. Every action or support, provided by the government and people of Japan is not for cultural minorities but for the social and cultural majorities. 550 more words


Can We Start Over Again?

Anonymous student post

We watched Japanese movieTokyo Sonata” in the class. This movie strongly appealed to us that how the Japanese society… 465 more words


Affective Labor: Maid Cafes and Social Change

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Now in Japan, there are many people performing affective labor, such as caregivers, flight attendants, and so on. It is the labor that it does not need only physical labor and brainwork, but also emotional control. 434 more words


Japanese Street Snaps: Why so Important?

Have you’ve ever wanted a career that was based around wearing whatever you like? We’ll me neither! (Just kidding…) Tokyo, Japan is the land of fashion. 1,047 more words


The lens/penis Theory

After some ethic considerations, I finally get to set up this theory.

Its postulate is quite easy:

The size of your Penis is inversely proportionnal to the size of your camera’s lens.

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Okinawan Natives

The natives of Okinawa playing a game of soccer. They are extremely generous and helpful. Do not be afraid to practice the language, they will be grateful.

Things To Do In Okinawa

Refugeeism, social rights and the Japanese government

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According to Anne Allison (2013), Japan is facing an era of ordinary refugeeism, in which ordinary people like us could be a homeless with no job and no place to return to. 775 more words