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What I Really Appreciate 4: Dragon Quest I and the Journey Back Home

In my previous entry, I talked about how Bravely Default allows players to set their encounter rate.

But on the other side of the coin, I really appreciate the stress that comes from the first Dragon Quest’s journey back home. 678 more words


What I Really Appreciate 3: Bravely Default's Encounter Rate

Bravely Default has a really interesting feature.[1]  It allows the player to control the encounter rate in random battles.  The player can:

  • Keep the encounter rate at normal (like a normal game)
  • 184 more words
What I Really Appreciate

What I Really Appreciate 2: Dragon Quest IV’s Structure

I really appreciate the structure of Dragon Quest IV. 

The game is divided into five chapters.  Each of the first four chapters is about 2-3 hours long, and they each follow an individual character through some trial or tribulation.  1,059 more words


Atelier Escha's Blundering Retail Debut

We at Neko’s Shiritori have discovered that Atelier Escha has been loaded with genuinely positive reviews which display noticeable enjoyment and fairly assess flaws as well. 3,224 more words


Atelier Escha Amazon Confusion

Well, we at Neko’s Shiritori have encountered some unfortunate realities as of late, namely people who pre-ordered Atelier Escha and not getting the pre-order bonus as advertised.


Atelier Escha First Impression

Greetings from Neko’s Shiritori! With Spring coming near and the month of March underway, it’s also one of the biggest months for multiple game releases. Thanks to the great staff at Tecmo Koei Europe and Acttil, we had the wonderful opportunity of assessing the game before the general release date. 1,175 more words


Atelier Costume DLC Opinions

Are these newer swimsuits just recolors of the old ones?

I will start off by saying there will be possible spoilers below as I will reference various scenes and endings that show up later in the respective Atelier games. 555 more words