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Last Class (19 Sept 2014)

This date marked my very last class with J3.55 after one year and my very last class with densei after 3 years. And for all I know, this could be my very last japanese class. 505 more words



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Are They Really Just Legends? Onryō

This Urban Legend takes place in a land shrouded in mystery itself, Japan. In Japanese folklore an onryō is a vengeful or wrathfull spirit, that can kill their enemies and cause natural disasters to right all the wrong that was done to them when they were alive. 141 more words


Kanae's Blurb

Here is our very first blurb from Kanae; an Intensive native student!                                    Thank you Kanae for expressing how you feel about CIJ~                                              We are happy that you are enjoying your studies and stay here~ 21 more words


Alibabar - O Bun Sesame

Alibabar and the 40 craft beers; O Bun Sesame – the pun goes on. It is hard to describe but it is fun. What used to be an old coffee shop at the East Coast Road-Joo Chiat Road junction is now a curious fusion of old & new, East & West and traditional simplicity & modish hipness. 539 more words


I am Mempelam

Why Mempelam?

Anyone knows ‘Manga’? Yes the Japanese anime thing….

This is my own version of ‘manga’.

So you see, am not Japanese, but I love to read their comics, so one day I thought I could be drawing my own comics, and it started when I was 15 :) So Alhamdulillah for the digital world, I get to ‘syok sendiri’ ala ala ‘publish’ all those mempelam stuff I did… 50 more words