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Some Food

This was part of a dinner I made a while back, and have kept forgetting to post.

(Photo is blurry, sorry.)
The green stuff at the bottom is a celery sunomono-ish salad. 58 more words

Lolita- This Fashion Statement and It's Subcategories

  Lolita- a branch off of that of Visual Kei and closely related to Oshare Kei and Decora. It’s most often referred to as a “cute form of Goth”, and sometimes even Goth Punk. 350 more words


Catfish Envy

Masami Teraoka is a Japanese-born artist who addresses contemporary issues and mores with ancient Ukiyo-e artistic style. The results of this fusion are not only visually stunning but frequently droll & ridiculous as well. 192 more words


Soma Nomaoi Festival - Shutsujin Ceremony at Nakamura Shrine

The Soma Nomaoi samurai horsemen festival takes place each July in Fukushima Prefecture. Following the devastation of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami it was cancelled, but it restarted once again in 2013. 232 more words


My First Festival

So this past weekend Mr. A and I went to our first festival here in Japan. It was the Misawa Tanabata Festival and it was located immediately off base, yay walking distance! 425 more words

Adab Sopan itu manners.

Scrolling down my FB wall this morning, I came across a status shared by a Sheikh praising how the Japs train conductor will eventually bow down to each passengers of their train for a 5 minutes delay. 368 more words

5 Minutes

Chilling medical Horror/thriller movies

One of my favorite types of movies are medical ones or ones with bits of the medical aspect to it and if they’re horror or suspense, It’s a major plus. 457 more words