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Shaburi, Japanese Shabu Shabu at Pacific Place

Ada restoran all you can eat baru di Jakarta yang bernama Shaburi. Shaburi ini merupakan restoran shabu-shabu yang terletak di lantai 5 Pacific Place. Karena penasaran dengan tempat makan ini akhirnya pergi bersama dengan beberapa teman untuk makan disini. 331 more words


Week 17 of Tales of Rebirth

Welcome back to another weeks entry in the Tales of Rebirth playthrough! When we last left off, Veigue had just woken up from getting his ass handed to him by Milhaust after he had attempted to chase after Claire. 980 more words


Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

Unlike Western-style cheesecake, Japanese-style cheesecake is fluffier and lighter in texture and has a milder taste, hence its name, “souffle cheesecake”. I made one to share amongst friends this weekend. 11 more words

Attempt at Sushi


This is the website I will be using to hopefully take a try at making my own sushi. I will hopefully have some time this weekend to try it. 33 more words


Test Driving Today! Vlog 9/01/2014

Welcome back to my blog! I knew you be back. Actually, I hoped that you be back. Happy Labor Day to those of you reading this Monday. 988 more words


Cafe Carpenter

742 Waverley Rd, Malvern East 9939 4061


Japanese savoury pancake with special BBQ sauce, Japanese mayo and shaved bonito

= Not bad

Spicy Korean Chicken… 100 more words


Tokyo Story

Ozu’s film, Tokyo Story, 1953, is one of the very few films that I have ever watched that made me want to telephone my mother as soon as it was over. 416 more words

BFI 50