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Japanese Myths Socratic Seminar

Hi folks!  Today, you’ll be discussing your chosen Japanese myths.

Hope you have a wonderfully restful break!

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Ivy Reviews: The Shogun Lounge

If there’s something I love more than shopping, its shopping and sushi together, in the same place. So after doing some heavy Christmas retail therapy at… 521 more words


Ramen Underground (FiDi)

This location often has lines out the door on busier nights so I was curious. I’ve heard less-than-good things about the location in Japantown.

I ordered the shoyu ramen with extra chashu. 71 more words


Pokémon: X/Y "Kiseki"Lyrics Comparisons (English/Japanese)

Yesterday’s post translated the song Kiseki  from Japanese to literal English. Today I wanted to post the translated Japanese version next to the officially localized English version. 598 more words



Oh geeze I can’t keep up with this at all.  There is snow all over the place (It’s really been a strange year weather-wise) and I’m leaving for Christmas back to the islands tomorrow…There’s a Japanese saying for this, [光陰矢のごとし」, which means “Time flies,” but is literally “Light and dark, like an arrow.” As always, the Japanese way uses very indirect metaphors (light and dark refer to the passing of days, and the arrow is something which moves fast), while English is rather direct. 902 more words