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New drawing in progress

♠Day one

♠Day two

♠Day three

Hope to finish in one more evening


Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 8 (Water & Air)

New task for our little project between me and Old Horse (his blog here)

This time will be “Water” and “Air”. I choose air, and made my version of Njörðr (God of wind in the Norse mythology) 27 more words


Writing To Reach You

♠Stray True

Her dog’s name

Stay True. Of course…

Sneaking words inside ornamental pattern

New shading techniques/ attempts

Lettering and tattoos?This video explains it all


Training day

In the midst of your sleep
into your room, by length I creep
When you’re awake and sober
I already tattooed and parted crossover
When you think in engrave…
27 more words


Hannya tattoo Full sleeve projekt (In arbeit/ In progress)

♠Eine einfache Vorzeichnung

♠Die Komplete Vorzeichnung (für diesen Termin)

♠Das fertig tattoo (ersten Termin)


Frozen in time

There’s a port
There’s a town
There’s somebody waiting
There’s somebody leaving
a mark
a symbol
a memory?
or better drink it all?
And then, there’s the next port…
22 more words


Dragon tattoo Full sleeve projekt (In arbeit/ In progress)

One more brutal session with our friend Stefan. We did about 4 hours and half today.
This sleeve was started on conventions throughout the country and… 36 more words