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PARIS: Joyeux Anniversaire

The brain is an absolutely magnificent organ. I recently took an online class on neurobiology and it really opened my eyes…metaphorically…about all the nonsense that’s going on up there. 1,428 more words


The Jardin des Plantes; the Floral Garden, Nantes France

We have been wandering around Nantes for a couple of days now. Nantes tourism has developed a map and route, follow the green line through the heart of the town and see all there is to see on the “Voyage of Nantes” trail. ¬† 100 more words


Springtime at Jardin des Plantes, Paris

I was minorly disheartened to arrive in Paris in early May and find that the cherry and apple blossom boom had already come and gone, but I got over it quickly as I… 82 more words


If I don’t get a Slendertone, I’ll die, I’ll just die. All over Paris are advertisements for this magical belt that you wear and it works out for you. 1,215 more words