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Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt on Women in Tech

During a public talk held recently in Washington DC, Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, said that the impression that the tech industry advances minorities and women is because the hidden biases that drive white male behavior are difficult to hide in the tech industry.


The New Digital Age

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: The New Digital Age

The Path

In Reality, Googling

The line of audience members queuing up for their turn to throw a question at Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, seemed oddly like an inefficient search engine. 651 more words

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman - "One Million Dollar Investment Toward Technology"

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said he is giving $1 million to help tackle worldwide issues through engineering. “I think I may as well put my cash where my mouth is,” Schmidt told CBS, in an advancement for The New Digital Age, his book co-composed with Jared Cohen. 164 more words