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Latest Update

I finished the back of The Man’s Jared Flood pullover. I’ve started the front. It’s just sooooooo long. He is a tall drink of water, The Man . 84 more words


Music Monday: 1990s Sheryl Crow edition

I’ve been on something of a ’90’s music jag lately, re-listening to Alanis¬†et al, but one song that’s stuck in my head is this beautiful number from… 107 more words


Wayfarer, A Scarf Story

It is very rare that it takes me longer than a month or so to complete a project. Sometimes my spinning projects will run long because of the whole space issue requiring me to set it all up and take it all down when I want to spin. 843 more words


Work In Progress Thursday?

It’s not alliterative, but it will have to do!
I’m plodding along on the Stephen West MKAL shawl

Part way through clue two.
I’ve also cast on a Cobblestone Pullover for my dad. 69 more words


New Favorites: BT's best shawl collars

When I was talking to someone recently (can’t remember who/where) about putting a shawl collar on my Amanda cardigan for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong, they said something about how on-trend that will be. 437 more words


Timberline_Sleeve 1 Complete

Cap Shaping

Close Up

Once I figured out the desired number of cast on stitches and rate of increasing, the actually knitting of the Timberline sleeve was pretty painless.   154 more words


Magpies, Homebodies, Nomads, Curls and Yowza

Hi, Knitters,

This time of the year makes me smile. I love the cold, crisp air and leaves on the ground, the opportunity to cook soups and stews (we had homemade chicken soup, lentil soup and beef stew this week) and the chance to wear handknits daily. 506 more words