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Jim Jarmusch and Independent Film

I love independent film. For me, it is where most of the great filmmaking takes place today. Independent film is also the place where we find a lot of undiscovered talent. 79 more words


Jim Jarmusch: Coffee and Cigarettes

İkisinin de tüter dumanı…
Keyifli sohbetler…

Jarmush ne yalan söyleyeyim nesnel değerlendiremediğim sinemacılardan. Çünkü hemen her izlediğim filminde büyük keyif alıyorum. Müzik bilgisi, müziğe yaklaşımı, filmlerindeki müzik kullanımı da cabası. 253 more words


Only Lovers Left Alive - Review and track listing


Being a fan of Jim Jarmusch’s previous films, I knew what to expect with his easy going, uncomplicated, predictable, shooting style. It’s most welcome (he’s doing his thing, but with Vampires and more layers than ‘Broken Flowers’)! 611 more words


Jim Jarmusch: Thinking in Black-and-White

Unknowingly, Jim Jarmusch and his black-and-white nonchalance entered my life when my first boyfriend bought me a copy of Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) for my 16th birthday. 590 more words

Jim Mother-Fucking Jarmusch

 I bet you didn’t know that was his middle name did you? I find Jim Jarmusch to be one of the smartest directors.  He may not be the greatest or the most popular and people may not understand him really, but man I adore him.   386 more words