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How to breed perfect IVs

Disclaimer: This only applies to pokemon x & y. Some of this elements may work in other titles but mechanics are different in each game. 289 more words


Pokemon IVs in a nutshell

So I’ve been getting a lot of pokemon gametime and research lately, one of the most important factors in competitive playing is IVs, so here is a short and simple guide to what IVs are and how to get them. 294 more words

J.A.R.S. The Swapper

After a week of hiatus here’s the new video, also after this vidoe I worked again on fixing my video card, hopefully improvements will show by next video.


French Trug, Blue Mason Jars And French Linen….Parfait!

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What a fantastic rustic french nation show for a table, open shelving or on prime of a cupboard or cabinets!   24 more words

Pretty Paper Flowers!

Today I’m going to show you the things I’ve made using paper flowers! These are made by me!

This is one of those cheese boxes that has the little wedges in it.  198 more words


Dollars in a jar buy time to travel (speaking of money)

I’ve caught the travel bug again, and this time I’m going to do something about it.

As a co-worker of mine was leaving yesterday, she emptied her tired arms of the cluster of belongings she was hugging on her way out the door. 395 more words