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Grandma Gallarza’s Oh So Yummy Spanish Rice

This recipe can be used for so many dishes.  Breakfast burritos, tacos, grilled chicken etc… Isabella loves to have a small bowl for a snack.  … 415 more words


Good Eatin' As Always!

Hot wangs, jasmine rice, and broccoli with cheese sauce. Mom gave me the wings, I don’t know whether or not she bought ‘em, or seasoned them like this, either way, they were delicious. 60 more words

Thai Butternut Squash Curry

I love everything about Thai food. The flavors are so dynamic and complex. I love the balance of spicy and sweet with subtle hints of citrus. 466 more words


Brazilian Rice

This next recipe was important for me to learn how to make. My husband is from Brazil and learning to cook for him has been an experience. 374 more words


congee topped with a sunny-side egg & fried sausage

  • refer to the “a congee breakfast!” post for the ingredient list and recipe snapshots for the congee – this time, I topped it with a fried chicken sausage and a sunny-side egg seasoned with salt and black pepper 
  • 13 more words

baked garlic-flavoured salmon ~ raisin & bean rice balls ~ tofu, egg & sweet pepper curry

  • salmon marinated in garlic salt solution, baked in an oven, and topped with black pepper  
  • jasmine rice boiled with raisins, red kidney beans, and black pepper, mashed together when soft and made into rice balls by hand…
  • 121 more words

Gresilda's Turkey Soup from leftovers

3 cups of leftover turkey chopped into bite size pieces

1 very large onion, chopped into small pieces

4 stalks of celery chopped into small pieces… 177 more words

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