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The gap in-between the fence was something of a legend for us all. A glorious barometer testing valour and nerve, regardless that it was essentially and ultimately down to proportions. 713 more words

A Decade in Film: The Sixties – 1963

A series where Failed Critics contributors look back on a particular decade in the world of cinema, choosing their favourite films from each year of that decade. 2,043 more words

A Decade In Film

Paul's Review of "Jason And The Argonauts" (1963)

It should be known that I’ve only before watched one other Ray Harryhausen film, “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.” It did not go well.

While I do believe that Harryhausen’s effects were the best part of that particular movie, it certainly was not enough to save it from being a bad movie. 892 more words

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Mythic Monday: Gemini the Twins

Gemini stems from a Latin root word meaning twins or twinning. The myth surrounding the zodiacal constellation Gemini centers on twin brothers Castor and Pollux. Two men impregnated their mother Leda, the human king of Sparta and Zeus, the king of the gods. 352 more words

Mythic Monday