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CNN: With Ferguson, It's Not What You Think

The new “leaks” from the grand jury on the Michael Brown shooting have once again stoked the imagination of the American public and the world. The implication of these leaks is that Officer Darren Wilson… 966 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Rand Paul Says He Can Get 30 Percent of the Black Vote in 2016: Here's How

One of the best things about presidential election season is just how bold candidates get before the first ballot has even been cast. Gary Hart daring the press… 1,598 more words


The Root: In Georgia’s Midterms, the Cold War Against Black Voters Gets Hot

There are plenty of clichéd metaphors we apply to elections and warfare.

Getting out the vote is the “ground war,” hotly contested states are “battleground states” and any campaign commercial in which candidates aren’t hugging each other is an “attack ad.” 952 more words


Ebony: What’s the Cost of Parenting While Black? Sperm Bank Lawsuit May Have the Answer

How much does it cost to raise a child in America today? Not some child prodigy who needs expensive music lessons, or a child with special needs; just feeding and clothing your average kid until college. 1,157 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Ebony: Grading Congressional Black Caucus Weekend 2014

The issues of Black folks only take center stage a few times a year in any substantive and collective way: the annual NAACP convention, the National Action Network convention, maybe a fraternity or sorority event, (R.I.P. 1,027 more words


Scotland Independence Vote: What if the United States Lost Texas?

There are plenty of things that President Obama has had to worry about since being re-elected president in 2012 — a continuing malaise about the economy, world crises that pop up with wack-a-mole frequency, and a lower house that makes even the minimal level of government functioning almost impossible. 1,045 more words