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CNN: Ferguson Shows Failure at Every Level

No one paying attention to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, since August will be surprised by the grand jury decision Monday night to not indict Officer Darren Wilson. 909 more words


Why Obama Needs Loretta Lynch

Mario Puzo’s generation-spanning opus provides a great allegory for considering the selection of a US Attorney General.  In the Godfather films, the consigliere is the mob family lawyer-they handle the dirty business, the laws, the cops, the judges to keep the family clean, and protect the organization as a whole. 773 more words


Ebony: Now WHAT? The Who, What, Where and Why of 2014's Midterm Meltdown

I am sure that President Barack Obama hoped that the worst news he’d get last week was Michael Jordan’s assessment of his golf game, but being president is seldom that easy. 1,184 more words


CNN: Four Things President Barack Obama Should Do In The Lame Duck Congress

Right before the midterm elections of 2006, George W. Bush made the pitch to voters that the war in Iraq would be in trouble if the Democrats took over Congress. 1,064 more words


Ebony: Yes, Voter ID Laws are Racially Motivated

The presidential election of 2008 was a pretty emotional experience for a lot of African Americans. Folks who never been compelled to vote in their lives registered and turned out to cast a ballot for the first Black president of the United States.   808 more words


Ebony: Will Ebola Increase Discrimination Against African Students?

It is difficult to tell just how concerned Americans are about Ebola compared to how much the 24-hour-news networks are focusing on it. The general lack of fear, however, has not stopped pockets of Ebola hysteria from popping up on our shores and the most prominent cases are showing up in the places where you would expect the most enlightenment: College campuses. 862 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column