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Scotland Independence Vote: What if the United States Lost Texas?

There are plenty of things that President Obama has had to worry about since being re-elected president in 2012 — a continuing malaise about the economy, world crises that pop up with wack-a-mole frequency, and a lower house that makes even the minimal level of government functioning almost impossible. 1,045 more words


Ebony: Vote or Die in Ferguson, Missouri?

In 2004, P. Diddy jumped into politics with his loud,over-the-top “Vote or Die” youth voting campaign. Citizen Change (the organization behind the campaign) hung around for one election cycle, but after racking up more expenses and press than actual registered voters, the initiative  1,122 more words


Al Jazeera English: What can Obama do about Ferguson?

The days of protests, police repression and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri in the United States has exposed a great deal about the US for the world to see. 1,057 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Three Things Washington Needs to Do Right Now in Ferguson

While the world watches the conflict in Ferguson, Missouri, there’s been no comprehensive effort from the nation’s capital to return the small St. Louis suburb to order. 591 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NAACP'S Net Failure in Ferguson

How the Civil Rights Organization’s hypocritical stance on Net Neutrality Hurts Activism in Ferguson

The shooting of teenager Mike Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri has mutated from a tragic local killing to a national crisis. 974 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Don't Be Mad At Me for Being Mad at Obama

President Barack Obama can’t wave a magic wand and cure AIDS, end racism or stop violence against women. Due to Congressional resistance, the Constitution and world events Obama can’t fix the economy, rescue public schools and give everybody 40 acres and a mule either. 1,059 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column