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Jason Walker - What If I Told You?

I have to pretend. I have to be a different person to everybody. And now I’ve lost one of my best friends because I was trying to fix the girl I love that doesn’t love me back b/c she’s straight and I’m not. 261 more words

365 grateful: Day 110


The bunny didn’t have time to be creative this year, but he did bring all our favorite candies! And here’s a bonus Buffy pic!

Bartolo Colon is Officially My Favorite Player

Bartolo Colon never fails to impress me. Every time he plays it’s a show. All I know is that when he’s starting there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than watching him. 23 more words


This Just About Sums Up the Hawks Pacers Game

The Pacers got flat out embarrassed, and I no longer see anything keeping the Heat from making it to the finals for the fourth year in a row.  53 more words


Transference - by Jason Maniccia


Mamet writes about the play’s influence on the actor, how the events of the play impose themselves on the actor’s process. The problems the actor encounters in rehearsal and in performance are, in fact, the problems of the character he plays in the story. 193 more words