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instal program pada linuxmint 17

Setelah update menjadi linuxmint 17, instalan pada linuxmint 15 hilang, jadi sebagai catatan saya tulis apa saja yang saya perlukan untuk penggunaan sehari-hari :)


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Best data type to use when dealing with currencies - Java

Whenever we think about cost/price we always visualize some decimal numbers. So first thing that comes to mind for representing decimals are float or double… 256 more words


Most common methods and imports in Java

Hello everyone!!!

To continue with the subject of previous post but now with Java, I found it interesting to know which are the most used methods and the elements most commonly imported; among other things. 224 more words

Common Methods

Why StringBuffer and StringBuilder does'nt override equals() and hashcode() method ?

Why hashcode() is not overridden for them? It is because, hashcode is used by the data structures that uses hashing algorithm to store the objects. Examples are: HashMap, HashTable, ConcurrentHashMap, HashSet  etc . 283 more words