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How Java Changed the Internet

The Internet helped catapult Java to the forefront of programming, and Java, in turn, had a profound effect on the Internet. In addition to simplifying web programming in general, Java innovated a new type of networked program called the applet that changed the way the online world thought about content. 15 more words


Grade Nilai

Buatlah program untuk menentukan nilai mahasiswa dengan inputan sebagai berikut :
Masukkan nama mahasiswa :
Masukkan nilai UAS :
Masukkan nilai UTS :
Masukkan nilai Tugas : 272 more words


Binary Search Trees : Insertion and Reversal

Recently I was asked by a fellow colleague if I knew how to reverse a binary search tree in Java. I knew the process and had an idea about binary search trees but I was really unable to write a code for that. 319 more words


Generics Part 2

Generic methods and Wild card character
1. In below mentioned code we can add either String or null in list and if we will try to ass other than that than we will get compile time error. 541 more words


Exciting things happening in Coherence...

I hope everyone is attending/watching JavaOne 2014 tomorrow.   There’s a sneak preview of some cool next generation Coherence with Java 8 in the Java One Technical Keynote… 8 more words


Generics Part 1

1. First we need to understand why we need Generics.
2. So if we go back to array than we can say it will hold only a fixed type of objects which can be int, float, double and so on. 559 more words


Few Things ...

Few things before we Start… For long time I wanted to start a Tech. blog. So for now I have decided to write about JAVA. I have decided that I will cover all the topics right from the basics, so that all those who are new or willing to learn JAVA could get benefit from this. 96 more words