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Algorithm {Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array}


Today we will learn something about binary search. Not about original algorithm but about some interesting modification. I am talking about Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array… 416 more words


Configure new JDK on Linux

Firstly, you go to JDK download page to download the JDK package fit to your system specification.
Following are the steps that you need to manually do with your new oracle jdk package. 203 more words


Apache Derby Demo

I was recently looking for a some tutorial on using Embedded Apache Derby (JavaDB). The best example I found was provided by Wayne Pollock and it can be found here… 1,014 more words


JAXB overview and practice


Brief understanding about JAXB
JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding) is one of Java SE APIs. It provides basically a fast and convenient way to bind Java objects with the structural document, in particular XML document. 645 more words


Integration of Coldfusion with Java – Coldfusion and Servlets.

In my previous article , I explained about Coldfusion and JSP (accessing JSP from Coldfusion pages).

Here we will know more about working with Coldfusion and Servlets. 757 more words


Scala vs Java (Concise)

I’ve tried to create a program which’s having a map (key, value) pairs that contains the occurrences of the moves, I’ve fixed the moves R, P, S (Thinking of Rock, Paper, Scissor Game). 338 more words


Functional Programming with Java 8 Functions

I have finally had the opportunity to work in a couple of projects being entirely developed with Java 8 and during the past months I’ve experienced, first hand, many of the new functional programming features in the language. 1,909 more words