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Java EE Batch Framework - Step 3 Reader

This section will cover the batch Reader.  The reader has two main functions of importance.  The first is the open method that will setup the checkpoint and set the iterator to the correct item.   614 more words


Java EE Batch Framework - Step 2 Check Point

In this section we will discuss the check point.  The check point is a serializable  object that contains that serves as the bookmark for the batch work flow.   211 more words


How to Avoid ConcurrentModificationException when using an Iterator

Java Collection classes are fail-fast which means that if the Collection will be changed while some thread is traversing over it using iterator, the iterator.next() 849 more words


Implementing Human Tasks with any Java EE framework by Sysco team

Oracle SOA Suite includes a component to handle user interactions into a SCA application:
When you have completed Human Task definition, JDeveloper gives you the option to implement this tasks using Oracle ADF. 217 more words


EJB 3.x : Lifecycle and Concurrency models (part 2)

This is the second post of the two part series. The first part covered the life cycle and the concurrency behavior of Stateful and Stateless EJBs. 1,200 more words


Maven Multi-Module Structure for Enterprise Java Projects (Best Practices)

Many times, I am trying to resolve several basic or complex Maven /  Java EE  project structure issues, on my day work. In order to provide the solutions,  I often end up experimenting with the project structure and it’s effectiveness. 563 more words