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UNBELIEVABLE:- Charge Your Phone By Shouting At It – See How It Works

Charge your phone by SHOUTING at it:

Gadget converts sound waves from speech into five volts of energy for your mobile.

As the class Governor of my department at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, It seems phone batteries always die at the same moment you need to make an important call like calling a Lecturer , before class or after class. 458 more words


Java - IntelliJ - Maven - Remote deploy/debug standalone apps

This method uses a Maven plugin called Wagon to upload and execute/debug a jar on another machine.  IntelliJ supports executing any kind of scripts or programs during a remote deploy beyond Maven commands, so you may find those easier to create and use.  584 more words

Java Programming

Canny Edge Detection in Java

So you don’t really have a decent graphics card, CUDA in C or pyCuda are not options since you don’t have a NVIDIA card, or you just want something completely cross-platform without a large amount of research. 2,181 more words


“Core Java Developer” for 06 months Contract position in San Jose, CA.

Job Title: “Core Java Developer”

Job Location: San Jose, CA.

Job Duration: 06 months

Job Nature: Contract, Contract-to-Hire (CTH), Full-Time Hire (FTH); Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) 106 more words


The Daughter of the Earth--Vandana Shiva

“We would have no hunger in the world if the seed was in the hands of the farmers and gardeners and the land was in the hands of the farmers,” –Vandana Shiva… 313 more words

Java Programming

Android: Change ProgressBar height

In Android development, you might dislike the very thin progress bar that Android defaults. For instance, in the below xml file, though you can specify the width and height, but you can see that width value functions, but the height value, no matter how large you specify, it remains slim horizontal bar: 33 more words


The Structure of Java Code

You can see we have the package name first. Notice how the line ends with a semicolon. If you miss the semicolon out, the programme won’t compile: 297 more words

Java Programming