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Borobudur. A Roof Forest

Sustainable tourism strategy

2013. IUAV

Cristina D’Onofrio
Tania Sarria


IBM PureApplications for Hybrid IaaS Cloud

IBM PureApplications provides on-premise cloud. #PureApp for SoftLayer provides off-premises cloud solutions. ibm.co/TNzV8m @Prolifics

Video includes clip from my manager @Prolifics, Mike Hastie.


jOOQ Tip of the Day: Reuse Bind Values

jOOQ implements your SQL statements as AST (Abstract Syntax Tree). This means that your SQL statement is modelled in a non-text form prior to serialising it as a textual SQL statement to your JDBC driver. 218 more words



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Inheritance – one object acquires the properties of another. information becomes manageable in a hierarchical order.
- ‘extends’ helps an object acquire the properties of another object ( except for the private properties of the superclass.) 134 more words


The flexibility of GraphHopper

I often hear some misconceptions about the flexibility of GraphHopper. In this post I speak about GraphHopper core.

Power Mode

GraphHopper is designed to be fast and flexible. 316 more words



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-If a class inherits a method from its super class, then there is a chance to override the method provided that it is not marked final. 183 more words



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Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms.
Any Java object that can pass more than one IS-A test is considered to be polymorphic. 357 more words