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Maximum Length

/** Method maximumLength

* Given an int number, method converts the number to binary format
* and shows the maximum sequence of 1′s within the binary number. 70 more words


The Usefulness of the Java Random Class

The Problem with the Math.random() Method.

When you want to generate a random integer, the java.util.Random class is a much better utility viz the Java.lang.Math.random() method. 614 more words


Simple Activity contents

Welcome to the next tutorial from first steps. In this post I’m going to comment how the first Activity works. ( In this part I’m assuming you know Java) 695 more words


Java Big Data Software Engineer

Position: Java Big Data Software Engineer

Company: myThings

Location: Tel-Aviv


Participate in architecture, design of interfaces to main components of the system
Design and build robust Hadoop solutions for big data problems… 97 more words

Using the HP IDOL OnDemand APIs to enrich unstructured data

Unstructured data is all around us (emails, log files, facebook posts, twitter statuses) yet it’s difficult to analyse. HP has a product that does some common analysis tasks for you. 1,266 more words

Custom querystring parameters in Play

Usually, actions in Play does not receive complex parameters. If you take a look in your project, probably you will see just simple parameters. Integers, Longs etc. 325 more words


Wrapper classes in Java

For every primitive type in Java, there is a built-in object type called a wrapper class. For example, the wrapper class for int is called Integer; for double it is called Double. 150 more words