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JPA Tutorial: Setting up persistence configuration for Java SE Environment

In my previous article, I have written a sample example showing how to configure JPA for running it in a Java SE environment. I also showed a sample persistence.xml file which looks like below - 901 more words


IDEs and fancy development tools can be bad for you

Especially for testers (at least those without a good developer/hacker type skillset), you become reliant on them. And when you want to do something outside of them, you are lost. 331 more words


App ideas for Java

Although I have set priorities to working more with Perl right now (because of a pending job), I want to use JavaSE to create (and then port it to my Nokia Asha 503): 8 more words



On a project a found I little strange piece in the char type.
I thought that when one talks of char it’s always a single character and it is. 42 more words


java.lang.VerifyError: verification failed at PC [Solved]

While running a jar file I got error message which says “java.lang.VerifyError: verification failed at PC 186″.
Below is the log

Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: verification failed at PC 186 in 
((Ljava.util.Collection;II)Ljava.lang.String;): incompatible type on stack
 at java.lang.Class.initializeClass(libgcj.so.7rh)
 ...3 more… 47 more words
Adminstrating Linux

My normal day


Today few words about my day. Of course I won’t talk about things like eating breakfast (okay, I can just say that I love pancakes :D)  or other boring things… Don’t worry I’ve got some friends but in this article I am going to describe my day at home! 272 more words


#LD48.. or building a game in a totally tough time constraint

So, its Saturday 2014-08-23,  and Ludum Dare has started a few hours ago.

What happend so far:

at 03:00 Ludum Dare started, the subject that was voted on is “connected worlds”. 507 more words