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JavaFX Tip 3: Use Callback Interface

As a UI framework developer it is part of my job to provide ways to customize the appearance and behavior of my controls. In many cases this is done by allowing the framework user to register a factory on a control. 336 more words


Metro style Slider for java update (JMetro)


Given the latest feedback on the slider here’s an update:

Basically the vertical slider fill was misplaced, instead of starting from the bottom it was starting from the top. 9 more words


JavaFX Tip 2: Sharp Drawing with Canvas API

When I initially started out working with the Canvas API I noticed that the results of my rendering code were somewhat blurry and even worse, inconsistent. 323 more words


JavaFX Tip 1: Resizable Canvas

While working on FlexGanttFX I had to deal a lot with the JavaFX Canvas node. I am using it to render activities on a timeline. Each row in the Gantt chart is a Canvas node. 300 more words