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Adding a Custom JavaFX Component to Scene Builder 2.0 (Part 2)

In a previous post I demonstrated how to add a custom component to Scene Builder 2.0 which was basically a short cut for copying & pasting FXML from the custom component into the FXML of the UI control which contained the component. 1,282 more words


JavaFX Tip 12: Define Icons in CSS

When you are a UI developer coming from Swing like me then there is a good chance that you are still setting images / icons directly in your code. 283 more words


FX Playground


FX Playground is a JavaFX-based prototyping tool or live editor that eliminates the step of compiling Java code. This concept isn’t new, for instance the Web world there are many HTML5… 641 more words


Eclipse 4 IDE download and set for simple JavaFX 8 application development

Step 0. Install Java 8 jdk for your system. We are gonna develop under Java 8.

Step 1. Download Eclipse IDE 4.4 Luna from here… 78 more words

JavaFX Tip 11: Updating Read-Only Properties

Custom controls often feature “read-only” properties. This means that they can not be set from outside the control, not even from their own skin class. It is often the behaviour of a control that leads to a change of the read-only property. 245 more words


JavaFX Tip 10: Custom Composite Controls

Writing custom controls in JavaFX is a simple and straight forward process. A control class is needed for controlling the state of the control (hence the name). 489 more words


JavaFX Tip 9: Do Not Mix Swing / JavaFX

The JavaFX team has tried very hard to convince us that migrating from Swing to JavaFX is easy because of the option to embed Swing content in a JavaFX UI and vice versa. 423 more words