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Using SharePoint REST to create a folder

I was tasked with creating some folders in a Picture Library and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to use the SharePoint 2013 REST API for the first time. 158 more words


Learning JavaScript - a malleable language

Learning that it’s extendable

I recently read Crockfords classic: JavaScript, the Good Parts. Many thanks, Peter for recommending it! The books preface states that JavaScript is Lisp in C clothing. 808 more words


New terms from treehouse – Javascript Foundations Part 2 – Numbers and Arrays


Creating Numbers Part 1

The basic way is to literally type a number 0-9. Type negative numbers with a minus sign. Fun trick: you can call a variable in the console to see its value. 3,451 more words

Custom dropdown/auto-complete with AngularJS

I’ll admit it, I’m a big fan of AngularJS; it’s a great framework. If you consider yourself a serious front-end developer, you should really know about AngularJS. 456 more words


Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (26)

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Links from my collection. Recent links at http://delicious.com/ajlopez/nodejs

Managing Node.js Dependencies with Shrinkwrap

Yammer Engineering – Managing Node.js Dependencies and Deployments at Yammer … 319 more words


The Dictionary (Chrome Extension)

Hi, Please check my chrome extension “The Dictionary” that I made recently in JavaScript. Just select the word and click on the extension icon to get the meaning. 43 more words

Optimizing Javascript

Source -> developers.google.com

  • Instead of concatenation use joins.
    ex 1: Instead of
    var str="Hello "+" I don't like this code."+"Do me a favour and get me out of this mess.";
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