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My First Big Problem, and Testing

This is where I’m currently at:

I’ve finished setting up my git repository so that I can easily track my progress throughout the project, making use of branches and tags. 160 more words


Side menu using css3 html5 javascript

Hi all today I’ll share you very beautiful menu design for web developers , its perfectly works on chrome and safari and can work on other browsers with some slightly adds . 12 more words

array concatenation


var my_arrayOne = ;

var my_arrayTwo = ;


// this will add my_arrayTwo to my_arrayOne.

or you can pass many argument to it… 9 more words


Design Mockup - Prizle from 99designs

This is a relatively simple design that comes with a complex centerpiece. It could have been extracted as an image, but implementing it with a css structure really pushes my knowledge of website structures, challenging me to structure complex design elements. 59 more words

Web Dev

Array sortin

start with an example of

var my_array = ;

if we use the sort function like this


we get the result of this

0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 42, 422, 55, 555… 221 more words



JavaScript array can store string, number, boolean, arrays and even functions.

Like this:

varĀ test = [“test1″, 23, true, , function(a, b){return a + b… 447 more words