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Grunt - 04

This post is about testing. First we should be familiar to testing framework (Jasmine) and its popular runner (karma). Then we integrate it to our task runner (Grunt). 534 more words


AngularJS - Service VS Factory VS Provider

Design pattern is very important if you want to build a manageable and scalable application. In AngularJS, we could develop module, which is also regarded as a dependency, for specific feature and it could be injected to the controller whenever it is needed. 1,745 more words


Learning code

I’ll be using this blog to keep a kind of wiki on learning code and general tech such as Arduino electronics. For my reference and hopefully it will be useful to someone else one day.

5 Ways to Use a JavaScript Hashmap

Some time ago, I needed to use a JavaScript hashmap. A hashmap is useful for many reasons, but the main reason I needed one was to be able to find and modify an object, indexed by a unique string, without having to loop through an array of those objects every time. 520 more words



Hi All,

Today’s useful site is : http://clubdesign.github.io/floatlabels.js/

Float label pattern.

Happy Coding.


Create Your Own JavaScript Network Configuration Program (Part 84) – Achievements 3

I will keep adding achievements in this post. It is a good way to explore capabilities of this tool.

38,555 more words


Famo.us UI framework: Elements

Famo.us: near native experiences on mobile, 60FPS, works across all screen sizes, browsers, operating systems, and is entirely in Javascript. Everyone wants the advantages of Famo.us, but nobody wants to learn it. 361 more words