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Preview: Peter Parker Meets Kamala Khan This October in Amazing Spider-Man #7!

Together for the first time! The Amazing Spider-Man meets the Miraculous Ms. Marvel in the super hero team-up you’ve all been waiting for in October’s… 150 more words


Review: She-Hulk #8

Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk is clearly written by an attorney who has an appreciation for superhero universes. There is so much expertly written jargon and procedure, and so much fun and elegantly done crossover into other aspects of the Marvel University. 333 more words


She-Hulk 8 (November 2014)

Soule pulls one over on the reader. It’s a beautiful job of it too, because he sets the reader up and then distracts him or her from the inevitable. 161 more words


She-Hulk #8 Review

She-Hulk continues to rise to the top of Marvel’s publishing line, as writer Charles Soule draws upon his background as a lawyer to give her adventures unlike almost any other hero. 329 more words


She-Hulk #7 – Review

By: Charles Soule (story), Javier Pulido (art), Muntsa Vicente (colors)

The Story: Ant-Man and Hellcat cut She-Hulk down to size.

The Review: I’m sure Soule had his reasons, but it was still kind of bizarre for him to… 756 more words


She-Hulk 7 (October 2014)

Oh, look, all She-Hulk needs is for Soule to not cop out on a story and for Pulido to come back on the art and the issue's outstanding. 155 more words


A few Marvel comics from August 6th

Black Widow #9. Marvel. Written by Nathan Edmondson. Art by Phil Noto. The greatest charm of this incarnation of the Black Widow has been the water colour art by Noto. 462 more words

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