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She-Hulk 3

Today, Spencer and Drew are discussing She-Hulk 3, originally released April 2nd, 2014. 

Spencer: She-Hulk is a superhero lawyer. What does that mean? Well, she’s a superhero who is also a lawyer, but that’s obvious. 1,581 more words

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The Amazing Spider-Man - The Gauntlet: Sandman - Keemia's Castle (Review)

This April, to celebrate the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we are taking a look at some classic and modern comics featuring Spider-Man (and friends). 2,072 more words


She-Hulk #3 – Review

By: Charles Soule (story), Javier Pulido (art), Muntsa Vicente (colors)

The Story: A rich client is a good thing—usually.

The Review: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said in a review that I didn’t care what was going on in a story because I didn’t care about the characters involved. 866 more words


She-Hulk 3 (June 2014)

There's nothing off about this issue of She-Hulk; its problems aren't a mistake. Soule is very deliberate in how he paces out the action, then humor, the set pieces. 161 more words


Review: She-Hulk #3: Lawyers and deadbeat dads

I described the first two issues of She-Hulk as “largely the story of a lawyer looking for work.” Here, in #3, Jennifer Walters has found a case that’s likely to propel the rest of this arc.  738 more words


She Hulk 3 review

“A taxi? Kristoff does not take taxis.”

The first issue of Charles Soule’s She Hulk was mostly a legal thriller, with only traces of superhero action. 465 more words

Comic Review

She-Hulk #1-2 (2014) Review

STORY BY Charles Soule ART BY Javier Pulido

She Hulk is a Marvel title much like Superior Foes and Hawkguy. Rather than go for broke over the top action and cliffhangers, this is Marvel’s situational comedy line up. 168 more words