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Some Old(ish) Photography

These are just some photos I took for a digital photography class in college. Kind of blah, although I personally love the one with the jawbone. :D


My latest Tech: Jawbone

So this is my new toy, it’s called a Jawbone and it ties into the quantified self. It does the normal job of tracking how much you move combined with an excellent tracking for sleep. 89 more words


Get a move on!!!

While some may argue that in the digital age, we engage more with technology and partake in less physical activity, certain gadgets are proving this may not be the case. 222 more words

Bite Me More

Wonkblog: 21 of America’s biggest cities average fewer than seven hours of sleep a night


The headline doesn’t get at the real interesting bit here: *All* of the cities surveyed averaged fewer than seven hours of sleep a night. What does this say about our sleep habits? 31 more words

Jawbone ERA: First Impressions

I recently purchased the Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset, and, while I have not yet had enough time with it to review it completely, I though I would post some of my first impressions. 346 more words


UP by JawBone - tools and technology

I treated myself to an UP band. I wanted to track both my activity level AND sleep. I think some of what’s going on is not enough sleep. 351 more words

Fighting The Demons

Find Out Which Cities Get the Most Sleep

Is your city getting enough sleep?

The Wall Street Journal recently published a list revealing the cities that get the most and least sleep based off a one year dataset provided by Jawbone. 54 more words