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Thank you, Universe.

I had to wake up at friggin’ 6:30 this morning because my friend’s daughter had a track meet, and I agreed to go.  I woke up and seriously wanted to start crying because of how much I wanted to go back to sleep.  333 more words

September 2014

September Workout Schedule

It’s already past middle of the month and I’m still sorting out my stuff and trying to organize everything what we want to keep and what we want to ged rid of. 1,242 more words

Chalene Johnson

Moving More & Sleeping Better With Jawbone UP24

Guys, I am so excited about this…
I’m partnering with Jawbone to bring you a couple of blog posts about my expertise with their UP24. (This is the 1st one the second post will be much more of a evaluation.) I’ve wanted to write about my favourite, small fitness tracker for months now—basica… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

Second Freshman

I spent a good portion of the day sitting at my desk working, helpfully reminded of that fact (the mostly sitting part) by the buzzing of my Jawbone every 45 minutes (since I have it set to vibrate after 45 minutes of inactivity). 488 more words


Tuesday 10.

1. With my new Jawbone, it tracks your sleep each night.  I wake up almost every night at least 2 times.  One time I woke up FOUR times!   606 more words

The Jawbone Up Experiment

I am by no means a healthy or physically fit person. In fact, I hate anything that can be classified as exercise. My favorite thing to do is lay under a blanket and watch movies. 145 more words