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Jaws of a Misfit

You don’t know me
You never will
Welcome to
The depths of
A maniac
A repeller
Of men
I may be sexy
But honey… 27 more words


Hunter Shea's Montauk Monster Kicked My Ass!

Finishing Hunter Shea’s The Montauk Monster is akin to reading any book about the Holocaust and then deciding for yourself which one had a happier ending. 558 more words

Shark Bathing Suit

Posted on September 21, 2011 by nynerd

This is an incredible bathing suit design.

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5 Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Stills From Really Famous Movies

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to go behind-the-scenes of your favorite movie? While you may never be able to roam the Titanic with Leo, or explore the… 180 more words


Floating In Pants

I don’t have a grand list of phobias. But of the things I fear, I’m pretty sure sharks top the list. As a child of the seventies, Jaws really did me in. 572 more words


Dun dun...dun dun...

It’s that time of the year. That time people are venturing out into the water, and the irrational lizard brain that lurks in my skull thinks of nothing but that damned movie. 337 more words


Shark Infested Beano

It’s the school summer holidays, which means The Beano is packed with even more laughs than usual! This week it comes with five special gifts – a ‘Where’s Dennis?’ Poster, a pea shooter, some sweets, some stickers and some trading cards. 243 more words

The Beano