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Subs in Japan & surfboard frenzy

ravaged rouge floating.

watery eyes fixed waiting.

blade like grey cutting through mass.

teeth sharp, like blades of grass.


black pools of despair, rolling like marbles, 21 more words


The Stake Podcast Episode 9: The Films of Steven Spielberg

With the release of a new Spielberg Blu-ray set, we look back and consider the career of Hollywood’s most populist auteur. Who is Steven Spielberg? 71 more words


Horror Clichés: The Monster One-Up

The horror genre has a plot cliché unlike any other. While every type of film suffers from its own potential to do predictable and over-tired forms of set up, very few are as catching as the “monster one-up.” What I mean by that is: the film overtly states the superiority of its monster by having it destroy another monster from a previous movie. 807 more words


Week 43: Jaws

Author: Peter Benchley
Pages: 311
Days to finish: 4

You know, I didn’t realize until I had finished the book that I didn’t mark a single passage for consideration as a “favourite line”. 271 more words


John Williams: The Master of Film Music

Five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, seven British Academy Film Awards and twenty-one Grammy Awards – one might think this cannot possibly be all one person. 866 more words


Jaws the Turtle

Last week, our English class was presented with the task of writing a descriptive essay. I tried several times over, but could not decide what/who I’d write about. 222 more words

Hoverboards On There Way For 2015?

Somebody’s trying to cash in on 2015. It’s the year that 1989’s Back to The Future Part 2 predicted flying Deloreans, laceless Nikes, Jaws 19, and dustless book covers. 374 more words