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New Minifigs from Trademe!

I had fun everywhere! We bought Jay and Zane minifigs from trademe.  Mom helped me buy it and it was so cheap, and they didn’t have armours but that’s ok. 26 more words


BIRDS 53 - JAY 3


Jay on the upper Oak in our back garden; 6 Mar 2014.

This individual appeared in our garden carrying a monkey nut, which can be seen in the fork of the branch, to the right of the bird. 22 more words


The "Twittersphere" of Sports

Social media in sports is absolutely huge now.  Almost all of the heralded “experts” from the major networks like ESPN, Fox Sports or CBS Sports have all kinds of followers and constantly tweet about a vast array of topics. 198 more words

Scientist, Quotier Extroardinaire

Perhaps poetry was not such a great idea.

It turns out my life’s calling as a poet was not quite as life-calling-ey as I thought. It turns out no one wants to read poems about UFOs, and who knew the name Robert Burns was already taken? 207 more words


Jay - Die Cis Scum?

Please note that my university focused mind wanted to use credible sources for this post but as not a lot has been written on the topic this is simply just my opinions


If I could switch places with anyone...


This week we were asked who we would switch places with if we had the chance. In all honesty I’d have to say Blue Ivy Carter. 226 more words