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Karti at Sivaganga ATM to encash PC's deposit

By T S Sudhir in Sivaganga

My cameraperson requested Karti Chidambaram to move a bit to his left. He said so in Hindi and Karti snapped immediately, “Hey, do not speak to me in Hindi because I wouldn’t understand a word of it.” I expressed surprise considering he spends quite a bit of time in Delhi. 1,091 more words

T S Sudhir

Single And Single: A Short Political Inventory of the Unmarried, the Separated and the Widowed

The most powerful singles club in the country just got a little less crowded. Narendra Modi, has declared a long-denied wife mid-bid to Prime Ministership of India.  941 more words

Telegraph Calcutta

The Great Paint Job

When I first arrived in Tamil Nadu back in November, it seemed as if every square inch that could be painted with a politician’s name, slogan, or logo, was painted. 368 more words

Interest rates likely to stay at historic lows; Why Apple won't be what it was under Steve Jobs; India's female kingmakers

1 Interest rates likely to stay at historic lows (Phillip Inman in The Guardian) A slower-than-expected recovery across the global economy will keep interest rates in rich countries at historic lows for several years, the International Monetary fund has warned in its World Economic Outlook. 902 more words

Politics’ Double Standard

The Tamil Nadu state government’s decision to release the convicts in India’s former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination case caused a ripple across the nation. The Tamil Nadu cabinet on February 19, 2014 declared that they will release all the convicts with due consultations with the Centre. 911 more words


Avenging 2004?

Contrary to popular discourse, Vajpayee’s NDA did not lose the 2004 Lok Sabha elections because of the Gujarat riots, a lack of resonance of their “India Shining” campaign, or even anti-incumbency against the central government. 1,608 more words

Lok Sabha 2014

ఎన్నికల శంఖారావం పూరించిన జయలలిత

  • అన్నా డీఎంకే ఎంపీలను గెలిపిస్తే కేంద్రంలో కీలక పదవులు
  • కాంచీపురం నుంచి ఎన్నికల శంఖారావాన్ని ప్రారంభించిన జయలలిత
  • కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలను ఎండగట్టిన జయలలిత
  • తమిళుల హక్కులను కాంగ్రెస్ కాలరాస్తోంది

కేంద్రంలో కీలక పదవులు చేపట్టాలంటే వచ్చే పార్లమెంటు ఎన్నికల్లో

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