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Entering our Monologue

So let’s get into some real life adult conversation about growth and self-awareness. I can only speak from my experience. Looking and examine yourself is a difficult task to say the least. 275 more words

Motivation Mondays

It’s the beginning of the work week, might as well have some classic jams to rock to. Here are a few of my favorites!

Harlem On The Rise.. 45 more words

Jay Z And Beyonce Moving To London?

We heard rumors last year that Jay Z and Beyonce were moving to London. We’re not sure if there are plans to move. But they just spent a cool 5.5 million dollars on a townhome in West London.   16 more words



The King and Queen of Hip-Hop and Pop music JayZ and Beyonce are in London the power couple met up with Adele for dinner.

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Music to My Ears

Music has gotten me through many events in my life. Whether it’s dancing at a party or driving home after a bad day at school, I was probably listening to music while doing it. 970 more words

RESENTMENT - It's Just Your EGO sucking the life out of you!

Its all about you… you’re the one holding on to the pain. You have control over the power that so called resentment has over you. The pain, hate, disdain, frustration …all those emotional feelings have power over you and until you realize that you are the one feeding those emotions, essentially harboring and re-conjuring all those past events in which someone or something disappointed you. 153 more words