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Jazzercise with Rudgers

David “Fingerbang” Rudgers Calls upon the JSM Swallow Cam for some hot and bothersome sidewalk lines…FingerBang skates on Landyachtz Longboards, Caliber Truck Co., and Hawgz Wheels



Jazzercise with Jensen Plus Bonus Raw Rice!

An outstanding performance by crowd favorite, Eric Jensen!

We just really hope from the bottom of our hearts that you folks had a great time. I know we did! ;)


Eric Jensen

A new week in a new routine

I signed up to a ladies only gym last week, one that centres its program to you based around weights and circuts.  I have zero excuse to not go, I walk past the door of the gym twice a day as the gym is between where I park for work and my office.   519 more words

In love and gaining weight....urgent action needed!

I have found myself in a very comfortable and happy relationship with Mr Button.  This is the most dangerous time for me.  I become lazy and and can feel the weight creeping on.   273 more words

Mini Monday: 30 Weeks Pregnant

I really don’t want to be one of those people — you know, the ones who talk exclusively about pregnancy, babies and baby things — but today I’ve simply got baby on the brain so you’re getting a mini-earful of baby news. 516 more words

First World Problems: Confessions of a Failing Fatophobe

***Take Me Back Tuesday Post – originally published 23 Feb 2014*** Be honest. Wouldn’t all of us on occasion like to be transported back in time to meet up with our younger self and just give her/him a good slap? 732 more words


Jazzercise in Gascony

This was Zélie’s choice of jammies.  She has a style, this one.  I thought to myself, “Jazzercise!”

Kevin walks around the corner, catches Z’s outfit and says, “Jazzercise.”  I was completely floored.   42 more words