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Blast From The Past - Breaking Patterns

I thought I might share another one of my “older” posts with you. Just yesterday during dinner with friends we started talking about patterns and how we get stuck in them… 977 more words


Black Friday = Sig Sauer Mosquito

Here at the Little Lodge on the Prairie, Black Friday meant getting out a pistol and doing some target practice. Yup! This was a surprise because I am not a gun person. 353 more words

Charleston Cooks...with Julie W.

As those of you know who have followed me for awhile, sometimes I get caught up in living life and the blog here has to wait. 617 more words

Keep Calm and Thaw

Keep calm and allow Mother Nature to help you. That was my mantra Saturday morning when I awoke to a frozen waterline into Victor. The neighbor had recommended keeping water running at the faucet, but my small trickle had not been enough to keep the flow going as the temps dipped during the night. 869 more words

It's been one week...

…since I arrived in the greater Greenville, SC area. I can attest to the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Today I went back to… 459 more words

Back Sweat and Jazz Hands: A Birthday to Remember

Post by: Heather Krill

Thank you Hannah and Julie for allowing me to be your guest blogger!  All I wanted for my 40th birthday was to travel some place warm and sunny to relax with my friends. 1,020 more words


[WATCH] Taylor Swift Gets Jazzercised!

The 1980’s had Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”, Jane Fonda’s workout videos, and Jazzercise impacted exercise and some pretty crazy fashions trends…and in 1989 Taylor Swift was born. 39 more words