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Working Out To Get Fit

It is likewise amusing to see well-meaning folks striking the health clubs consistently to get right into a shape that could in some cases be past their ideal initiatives. 225 more words

Sure. You Go Ahead. Dance Like No One's Watching, Kid.

There comes a time when we mommies have to learn to take a back seat,  and let our little ones go out on their own and test their wings. 618 more words

Tall tale

You never know when your next good laugh might be. I had mine last night, talking with Michele, the Quality Control gal who had watched my yearly Jazzercise evaluation video. 229 more words


Kobe, I'm back ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

On 2013 June 11th, I flew back to Kobe! A lot of things happened during the 10 months I’ve spent in Lyon! And I also decided to write my master’s dissertation about Food Education in Japan, and how it influences Japanese women-wifes-mothers. 191 more words



Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling better. I’ve got much of my energy back, at least during the days, though I still crash at the end of the day and I found that if I string together too many consecutive days of business, I need a day to recharge. 1,192 more words


Powered by Soul Spotlight - Kori Smith

As a member of a very informal social media group #TeamSexyPants, I met this young lady and quickly realized that she was a BOSS.  She had a streak of like 10 bazillion check-ins at her preferred fitness facility. 819 more words


The work of His hands

What are your dreams that you continue to push into the back of your mind hoping that they will come to pass, but tolerating that they haven’t? 1,794 more words