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Mutually rewarding partnerships

Last week we received our new Red Hat Premier Middleware Business Partner logo for use across our marketing communication materials.

It’s fair to say that in general terms, many resellers and integrators don’t do themselves any favours with a culture of ‘badge collecting’ – spurred on by vendors keen to have an army of ‘experts’ out in the field, making the accreditation little more than a tick box exercise in an attempt to bolster their presence in the marketplace. 382 more words


JUDCon2014:Boston Wrapup - Mobile Hackathon with AeroGear and Push Notifications

A few weeks back we’d introduced a new format in the evolution of our JBoss Users and Developers Conference event series; in addition to the standard multitrack, lecture-based arrangement, we will be augmenting with smaller, focused sessions.   368 more words

We Put The "E" In JEE. The First "E".

DevOps for your Java EE organization - new webinar series

The JBoss team, with backing from the OpenShift team, are presenting a series of webinars focused on bringing DevOps practices to Java EE focused organizations.   The first webinar is next Thursday, July 31.   169 more words


Removing HPROF dump files

Revisiting the topic of Livecycle consuming everything in its path, I found another issue that features in Livecycle ES4 SP1. The symptoms are the usual symptoms; lack of disk space, server crashing, etc. 90 more words


IBM Support Assistant and Monitoring and Diagnostic tools for Java

One of the most important aspects of a complex system is its serviceability. For example, cars are made in a way that mechanics can quickly diagnose and fix issues, perform tuning and maintenance. 361 more words


Dude, where’s my PaaS memory? Tuning Java’s footprint in OpenShift (Part 2)

Continued from part 1.

The test web service

The test web service implements a simple file cache storing up to 10 copies of any given named file. 2,767 more words


Hiring :: Adobe CQ Developer/Lead/Architects in Parsippany, NJ / Atlanta, GA / Minneapolis, MN / El Segundo, CA / Mooresville, NC / Boulder, CO

Must Have Skills:

  • 6+ years over all experience
  • 3+ years Strong Web Content Management experience with Adobe AEM / CQ5
  • OSGi bundle development experience
  • Familiarity with Agile development including daily scrum and weekly iteration reviews and planning…
  • 104 more words
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