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JBoss EAP 6, Raspberry PI and WebSockets

Word of warning: I’m publishing this post now to have the information stored, but it actually reflects the situation as it was written, April 2013. Things have changed since then, mainly the introduction of Wildfly, newer JBoss EAP 6.x and Raspberry Pi versions as well as full release of Java 8. 700 more words


Fight the POODLE in JBoss 4 and 5, JON 3 and more

The POODLE bug (CVE-2014-3566) affects nearly everything and everybody is trying to secure all of their systems. That includes your JBoss servers. Securing your JBoss 4 or 5 has one pitfall, which I am going to explain in this post. 383 more words

Enterprise Applications

JBOSS EAP Command Line Interface

Connect to Command Line Interface

./jboss-cli.sh -c –controller=hostname:9999

Lists snapshots of host named master


Take snapshot of host named master


Stop Servers

/host=master/server-config=server-one:stop… 74 more words


Examining Red Hat JBoss BRMS deployment architectures for rules and events (part I)

Guest post by Eric D. Schabell and John Hurlocker – original article published here.

In this weeks tips & tricks we will be slowing down and taking a closer look at possible Red Hat JBoss BRMS deployment architectures. 623 more words

Java Tech lead opening in Sacramento, CA.

Role     : Java Tech lead
Location: Sacramento, CA

Note: We can do CTC, W2 Contract or Full-Time. We can also do H1 Transfer.

About ProKarma… 377 more words


OSGi: the gateway into micro-services architecture

OSGi: the gateway into micro-services architecture

The terms “modularity” and “microservices architecture” pop up quite often these days in context of building scalable, reliable distributed systems. 152 more words


Load Balance WebSockets using Apache HTTPD

Load Balance WebSockets using Apache HTTPD 

JBoss EAP 6.3 provides a technology preview of WebSocket and WildFly have supported them as part of Java EE 7 compliance. 87 more words