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Full Web Application with Tomcat JSF Primefaces JPA Hibernate

Full Web Application with Tomcat JSF Primefaces JPA Hibernate

We are happy for the 100k visitors. To celebrate this mark in this blog we created this post that will show how to create a full web application using the following tools: Tomcat7, JSF2 (Facelets and Libraries) with Primefaces (with AutoComplete), JPA / Hibernate (with a relationship NxN), Login with Filter. 42 more words

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IBM or Drools/Red Hat JBoss BRMS - Whose Rules Rule?

By automating critical business decisions, a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) can increase the productivity, consistency, and quality of your most important business processes. To realize these benefits, a BRMS must make it easy to capture your company’s expertise as rules, must enable administrators to manage all aspects of the project lifecycle, and must deliver key insight to all project stakeholders. 2,037 more words


DevNote: Configure DataSource from Command Line on JBoss


ห่างหายไปนาน เพราะยุ่งอีกแล้วครับ (อ้างตลอด)

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RESTEasy Tutorial Part-1: Basics

RESTEasy Tutorial Part-1: Basics

RESTEasy is a JAX-RS implementation from JBoss/RedHat and is in-built in JBoss 6 onwards.
Here I am going to show you how to develop a Simple RESTful Web Services application using RESTEasy and JBossAS7.1.1.FINAL.


Build Java EE Application with Ant and Eclipse

Build Java EE Application with Ant and Eclipse

Now, that we have understood the basics of ANT in the previous example, we can now proceed to use the same, for building a Java EE Application. 60 more words


Fedora Day @ DevConf.cz 2015

DevConf.cz is the largest developer conference devoted to Red Hat related technologies (Linux, JBoss, OpenShift, OpenStack,…). This year, there were around 1000 attendees which is a sizable number for a deeply technical conference. 239 more words


JBoss EAP 6, Raspberry PI and WebSockets

Word of warning: I’m publishing this post now to have the information stored, but it actually reflects the situation as it was written, April 2013. Things have changed since then, mainly the introduction of Wildfly, newer JBoss EAP 6.x and Raspberry Pi versions as well as full release of Java 8. 700 more words