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Just When You Think They Can't Make It Worse

I have criticized the Board of J.C. Penney for their decisions over the past few years. (Just search the archives). However, they continue to find ways to amaze me with their decision processes. 164 more words


Faux Fur Friday

Happy Friday!  Today I am talking about my favorite fall trend: the faux fur vest!

The faux fur vest has never been so chic and pretty.   77 more words

Retail stocks down with market drop

Shares of major retailers are trending down Wednesday as the Dow Jones industrial average comes back from a market-open plunge of 370 points.


Wall Street's simple, surefire--and mostly wrong--strategy to fix retail

Show me a struggling retailer and I’ll tell you what many Wall Street analysts will say is that company’s quickest path to new-found prosperity. Close stores. 606 more words

Customer Growth Strategy

JCP!!!!!!!! new face new price

2/1/12 JCP!!!!!!!! new face new price

Have you ever watch the new commercial of JCP????? …… Crazy right!!!!! .Well really is not that crazy , JCP people trying to bring new ideas and save $$$ to us . 392 more words

New Ghostbusters T-Shirts Available At JC Penney

I haven’t been to any malls, especially the closest one to my home since Summer. Coincidentally I was near my “childhood” mall the weekend Ghostbusters… 526 more words

GB Inc.

If You Lower The Bar It's Easier to Look Good

I haven’t posted about J.C. Penney in several months, but their CEO has declared that they’re back, so I thought it might be time to chime in. 249 more words