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Quick Snaps! Vol. 3 [G35 x Stich Gulf]

Here’s a brand new volume to the “Quick Snaps!” segment of the blog…Usually I just have my phone with me for these shots, but this time I was prepared and had my camera with me, so these shots are a little better than usual. 19 more words


The Legacy is for Sale

This has been one amazing car for me and continues to bring a smile to my face, however, I believe it is time to move on. 23 more words


Garage Mak Z33 [2014 Edition]

I first posted about the Garage Mak Z33 two years ago when it was a little more “subtle,” and a little less known. Now, they’re a powerhouse tuning shop known by many worldwide, and their cars, especially the Z33, is a true testament of their abilities. 11 more words


Kathleen Vohs

Land O’ Lakes Professor of Excellence in Marketing
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Website: http://z.umn.edu/kathleenvohs

Kathleen D. Vohs is professor and the Land O’ Lakes Professor of Excellence in Marketing at the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota. 337 more words


Wheel Gone Wild

BBS LM gone wild…..well not really, but I did think that this was an interesting set compared to generic “studio” sets. I absolutely love the cityscape background behind the beautifully machined LMs, definitely something different.

Photos via MINKARA


Confessions of a shoe whore

So, I like to think of myself as a bargain hunter; therefore I stumble upon deals and take advantage. I LOVE shoes, and am the type to want them in every color once I find a perfect fit. 175 more words

My thoughts on street racing!

My thoughts on street racing have started to change, because of the reading i did this week. For example the story thati read about a kid street racing, while having friends in the car with him he hit 110mph and he saw lights come out of no where and all he can remeber was ending up in the ditch. 41 more words