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Chef Tamar

So, I have never been the most adept in the kitchen.

The closest I came to making anything, up until this year, was a fruit salad. 74 more words

Stuff that bothers me

School, people making fun of me, my jealousness, love (the relationship kind), not being able to do something, feeling alone, periods, hate, attention seeking @&$#!%, my nervousness, my shyness and probably a lot more little things I won’t mention.


Stumbling AKA Falling-arse-over-tit

Gah! I knew this dating malarkey wasn’t really for me! So far I have only met with one guy (fourth date arranged for sometime this week!) and already I feel like I want to give the whole lot up! 459 more words

Regressive Distractions (Part 1 – Jealousy&Envy)

A falsehood that has been discussed and debated at length is whether jealousy is healthy or unhealthy. Magazines for the socialites will go at great lengths to conduct surveys, draw up polls and perform random sampling interviews to uncover the public’s reaction and attitudes towards jealousy. 672 more words

Top Story (Really)

Okay this is it in a nut shell, doing my article reading on yahoo, and see Top Story. I continue to read Kim Kardasian in a pink jump suit and picture. 135 more words

Preview: Chromeo - Jealous (Dillon Francis Remix)

This producer maybe a rookie when it comes to trolling the biggest producers on social media, but Dillon Francis sure has an amazing style when it comes to his music. 153 more words

New Release

Someone, somewhere is jealous of you.

Yes, YOU!

According to at least one person, the life you are now living is the epitome of happiness and success. 121 more words

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