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Dogs do get jealous and it could help us understand jealousy in humans

Dogs do get jealous, say scientists, and it could help us understand jealousy in humans

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Furry, green-eyed monsters: What dogs can teach us about jealousy

TORONTO — You feel it when you see your girlfriend talking to a cute guy, when your mom compliments your sister and when your co-worker gets promoted — jealousy. 684 more words


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Am I A Horrible Friend Because Of This? - Matthew Fam

We don’t like to admit it, but many of us feel it. Jealousy towards our friends is something kept mum for fear of being seen as immature or irrational. 864 more words

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Jealousy (or lack of?) in long distance relationship

This is a strange, but common one… I know several of my girlfriends who want their boyfriend to be a bit more jealous as it makes them feel more appreciated. 149 more words


about that grass

The other day, I came across a hilarious card. It read: With deepest sympathy on the passing of your lawn.

When I was growing up, our lawn always looked terrible. 581 more words