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1 Corinthians 3:3

… Jealousy and quarreling marks a worldly person. Avoid the temptation to be jealous or to quarrel. Prove your maturity by not engaging in such. 120 more words


Jealousy - "Disease Of The Mind And Heart"

The word ‘jealousy’ is a big topic to cover because this is an emotion that everyone shares and portray the same way or differently.

Definition of jealousy on my phone is: … 540 more words


There are few things that bore me more than numbers.  Addition, multiplication, division (just kill me), algebra. (What comes beyond Algebra, I don’t even know. Algebra 2?) I wasn’t bad at math, I wasn’t good at math. 1,048 more words

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Tube of Curiosity

I step into the car. It was one of those random date night I adore. A simple text message and a confirmation later, I jump into the shower, wash my hair and throw anything on. 692 more words


One year old

So that was something which I would not have predicted.

The selfishness, jealousy and you envying me.

The printed words in the newspaper and the seldom talking radio, 82 more words


My Child, My Love (continued)

How often does it pain you

To see the one you love

Loving someone else?


How many tears have you cried

Knowing that your love… 73 more words


How I'm Dealing with Jealousy, Or; Our Love Is Like A Car

If you didn’t read ‘How to Deal with the Fact that You’re a Jealous Woman’, you can still read on but I really feel like addressing the aftermath of what happened after I admitted to being a jealous woman. 709 more words