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Deborah, about Jean Seberg (13.11.1938 – 30.08.1979):

“I formed a very deep respect for the quiet strength with which she put up with all the extravagant publicity that had been forced on her by her discovery and the lashing she took from the critics. 61 more words

Deborah Kerr

The attributes of charm, according to Deborah (X)

“Thoughtfulness is displayed in those who think about another’s feelings before their own in whatever they do or say. 123 more words

Deborah Kerr

Kids go missing a day

I lie in bed where I’ve become an igloo of sticks and bread wrappers, an upside down nest for a hermit bird. Once I was an explorer.

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My Desert Island, Top 3 Most Inspirational Female Characters in Cinema

Before we start, Clementine Kruczynski came too late. Margot Tenenbaum (another fragment) too late also. Frances Halladay far too late. Too late as in these characters – works of fiction assembled seemingly from the atoms and molecules of thin cranial air by some hacks in Hollywood – were a source of inspiration to my formative self. 1,176 more words

Anna Karina