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19-26 April 2014: invoked 1394 by biblically inspired Therapy Music:Dufay

 We may see EterenalLife as cyborgs soon.That means the regular solution to conflicts:murder will become obsolete.So then people will be curious about tha past conflicts. 149 more words


Die Universiteitsoord NG Kerk in Pretoria, ontwerp deur Van Wijk  en  vroeg in die sewentigerjare van die vorige eeu opgerig, is welbekend. ‘n Kerk waarvan die ontwerp in skrille kontras met tradisionele Afrikaanse kerkgeboue staan. 396 more words

Côte D’Azur

Jeanne d’Arc by Charles Desvergnes

Notre-Dame de Paris

Île de la Cité

Paris, France

19 March 2014

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05-12 and also till 19 April 2014: 1439, Wolkenstein, Albert of HAbsburg

1439. Spitko de Melszczin, a Hussite killed /Jeanne d’Arc incited against Hussites./

Albert of Habsburg dead /typhoid or toxine in melon./ The age of Vlad Dracul Tepes… 155 more words

014 április 5-12 és aztán 19-ig még: Wolkenstein 1439, Habsburg Albert

1439. A huszita Spitko de Melszczin és a pápista Jeanne D’Arc párharca levélben s

Habsburg Albert halála, egyesek szerint mérgezés /dinnyével/. /Felesége, Erzsébet, terhes V. Lászlóval/ A kor empátia- hiánya miatt az ellenséget… 421 more words

House Hunting in Le Val de Loire

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Château de Chambord!

Someday when I am rich and famous (it’s inevitable, really) this will be mine. Whether I’ll have to take over the French government or just offer someone with influential powers a hideous sum of money, I will live here–with 174 of my closest friends (I don’t do well with ghosts, you see, so if there happens to be a dead king or ambassador seeking revenge, I’ll have a 173/174 chance that he’ll take it out on someone else). 1,165 more words


Toile d’Ingres

Dans Reims quand vint la Pucelle,
Ce lui fut temps de douceur ;
Le triomphe dans son coeur
Que nul tourment plus ne cèle. 50 more words