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Exploding Traffic Lights

Usually, when I’m stuck in traffic, I think about things. Recently, as I was stuck in traffic on my way home from work, I thought about traffic. 546 more words


Coffee in the Mountain Mists: Community Tourism in Pelaga Village

Note: I wrote this piece for an English language newsletter in Ubud, Bali. I recently came across the file on my computer and decided to repost it here.  931 more words

In which Jed meets a stranger

Jed woke in the basement, covered in a fine coating of metal chips. Alone. He took a few moments to look about him, trying to piece together what had happened. 1,072 more words


In which Jack digs a grave

After Jed had left, flying off into the night, Olivia sought out the werewolf lord again, and met him on the steps of the tower. “Joshua?” 605 more words


In which Joshua brings a gift

Olivia scrambled back as the werewolf lord Joshua materialized before her, a body slung over his shoulder.
“Uh, hi Joshua,” She looked up, swallowing. He was a vision in black leather and raw animal power, sweat glistening on his bare chest. 848 more words


In which Jack goes to the casino

The plan was simple enough. Track down the signal from the transmitter Shen had implanted in the ghoul’s spine. Extract the guy, if they could. Then send in Joshua’s pack. 764 more words


In which Lucius is considerate


Shen thanked the ghoul who took his coat as he stepped into the chantry, heading for his regnant’s office. Lucius was there, peering over his glasses as he worked at his computer. 774 more words