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This dream will come FOR SURE true!

Pirate Jed wants to meet Captain Sparrow

There are very touching stories in our life and the one of Jed is one of these ones. Looking at the pic of Jed  I can see a very smiling teen-ager of 11 years old. 255 more words

Johnny Depp

use of undeclared identifier 'UIUserNotificationSettings'

I am trying to compile an existing application using Xcode 6.

This is my code:

UIUserNotificationSettings *settings = ;

This is my error:

use of undeclared identifier 'UIUserNotificationSettings'
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Jed's Post on Thursday, 18 September 2014

On the weekend i am going to play soccer.with my dad.


Number is randomizing repeatedly per click

I am currently working on a mini-game that revolves around numbers randomizing and score being allocated depending on whether the number displayed is a multiple of ‘x’ in this case 3. 197 more words


The Cutest Kids I Know

Back in June, I happened to have my camera with me when I ran into my two favorite cuties! Just thought I would share these adorable kids with you all! 32 more words


Facebook Like Button appear as 'Login Text'

Our client is having problem on FB Likebox button as she sees the button as ‘Text’ like the screenshot below:

The FB LikeBox should look like: 65 more words


Cleaner pandas apply with function that cannot use pandas.Series and non-unique index

In the following, func represents a function that uses multiple columns (with coupling across the group) and cannot operate directly on pandas.Series. The 0*d['x'] 241 more words