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TV DISCUSSION - The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 19 "Modus Vivendi"


With the pace picking up and future events being put into place this episode of The Tomorrow People raises A LOT of questions.  Since so much has happened I want to tackle the big questions first then provide some speculation. 378 more words


Don't Kill the Messenger

I recently saw the movie 300 for the first time. I didn’t really like it, but that’s neither here nor there. At one part of the movie, King Leonidas of Sparta receives a messenger from Persia, and (Spoiler Alert!) ends up killing him. 684 more words


Cómo me inspiré - Espejos de la muerte

Les comparto un extracto del epilogo de mi libro de cuentos, Espejos de la Muerte. Espero que puedan entusiasmarse y leer el resto de la obra. 255 more words

Cuentos Y Relatos

Medieval Nerds

I hope I drew you in with the strange title to this post. I had a deep thought the other day. I thought: what if there were some people throughout history that were born with certain talents, or good at things, but the things there were good at weren’t invented yet? 343 more words



Today I attempted to meditate. I have attempted to meditate before, but it has never really gone anywhere.  Today though, I tried for real. I secluded myself in an empty room, sat on the floor, put on soothing music, everything.   289 more words


Cedric Skye Jed

Cedric is hovering over the stove cooking something and the doorbell rings. He takes a deep breath in and smiles before walking to the door and opening it. 815 more words

Faithful friends

No one likes the rain, and that includes my two most-faithful companions. This pic was taken on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Please note the home-made bandana on Cara – Jed now has a matching one, and I have an order for a bandana for their cousin Poppy.