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Bezos Tries the Washington Post

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been in charge of the Washington Post for almost 10 months now and some of the first reports on his leadership have come in. 1,033 more words


My Apologies, Not So Heavy ... Summer Reading Personal and Recommended

Well I did it again. Traveling opens my creative thoughts and often I get to read more (always try to devour as much as I can) than when in the office behind the seven screens !  461 more words

Investing/Financial Planning

गुड बाय बेन !

जगामध्ये अशी फारच थोडी मानस आहेत की ज्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित एकाद्या कागदाच चलनात रुपांतर करण्याची ताकद आहे. ही जी ताकद – जी किंमत त्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित आहे ती कोणाही राष्ट्राध्यक्षाच्या वा राजाच्या स्वाक्षारित नाही. 37 more words

New policy-focused site from the Washington Post

The Washington Post is creating a new policy focused website that will be a sister site to the successful Wonkblog, it announced Thursday. The new site will be called Storyline, and its promotional video suggests it will be focused on how policy affects the lives of Americans everyday. 101 more words


Stephen Hunt: Jeff Bezos will save us all

Stephen Hunt is the author of In Dark Service, which was recently published by Gollancz, an imprint of Orion Books. He is the author of seven previous novels, including The Court of the Air and The Kingdom Beyond the Waves. 749 more words


Amazon vs the World: Amazon's Quest For More

Amazon is know for having everything from A to Z.  However, the worlds largest online retailer grows at a extreme rate.  The online bookstore founded in 1994 as “Cadabra” is nothing compared  to the site today.   315 more words


A Shopping Mall Into Your Pocket

A shopping Mall Into Your Pocket

The new Amazon Fire Smart Phone is a great innovation for on-line shoppers. This phone is the first step beyond a tablet based technological connection to the massive Amazon commerce platform. 213 more words

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