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Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s …

Calculated, meticulous and completely engaging, director David Fincher, Fight Club (1999), tackles American writer, Gillian Flynn’s electrifying novel of the same name in… 1,168 more words

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Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth

Director: David Fincher

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"Is it worth paying for a ticket?": Gone Girl (2014)

It seemed like this film would never arrive in cinemas. The promos and posters kept rolling out endlessly, and with this level of hype, it felt like a long time to wait. 1,291 more words

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Movie Review: "Gone Girl" (David Fincher, USA 2014)

Gone Girl opens with Nick Dunne lovingly describing how he wants to bash his wife’s head in, going out and drinking with his sister early in the morning, and returning home to what immediately appears to be a badly staged crime scene of broken glass and a missing wife in an otherwise undisturbed home. 1,979 more words


Review: Gone Girl- To have and to hold...

There is a very high chance that many of you took to the cinema this weekend to digest the latest offering from director David Fincher. The auteur’s latest cinematic endeavour could strangely be regarded as his most mainstream, which is entirely down to its source material. 894 more words

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'Gone Girl' Cinematographer Gives Dark Tale a High-Res Look

Despite “Gone Girl’s” murder-mystery trappings, director David Fincher doesn’t like the word “thriller,” says the film’s cinematographer, Jeff Cronenweth. “He thinks it’s more of a dramatic mystery about humanity and two married people, and how that goes astray.” 132 more words

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Movie of the week: "Gone Girl"

I’ve never seen an episode of Masterpiece Theater, and I wonder if they have done any murder mysteries or stories of disappearance in their tenure? I wonder if they are remarkably entertaining? 293 more words