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How faith sustains while my wrist fails

Somewhere upon the black-ice like rocks surrounding some of Maui’s most spectacular waterfalls I went down hard. It is no small thing for a 6’4″ 245 pound (17.5 stone) man to slam down onto an immovable terribly dense surface. 463 more words

Happy Birthday 'Merika

238 years old today and you don’t look a day older than 107. Not bad for a relatively young Nation. Our Nation stands (seated) today most grateful for a day off work. 494 more words

The check engine light with our kids

I know it would be much easier to be one of my kids’ friends than one of my own kids. I have a unique heart and ability to connect with my kids’ friends in the same way as my father did. 528 more words

God’s love experienced from 30,000 feet

What if the love of God were experienced only from 30,000 feet above sea level while we lived near the coast. My fear for others and my personal life is that this is most people’s true level of encountering the love of God. 452 more words

What the hell is brimstone?

Back in the old days (anything before the 1980’s) it was common to encounter pastors preaching “fire and brimstone” sermons. Passionate about keeping people from Hell, they gave bombastic messages of a fiery fate awaiting those who did not know Jesus as the singular way to God. 474 more words