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Senators return from deserted island with a plan for lunch

Now we know why Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., spent a week in August on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. 223 more words


Obama Plans To Allow Some Central American Kids To Apply For Refugee Status From Home

By: Esther YU-HSI Lee

The Obama administration has approved plans to establish in-country refugee processing centers in three Central American countries that have seen an exodus of migrant children fleeing to the United States, most to escape violence, the New York Times reported. 563 more words


Who Says Congress Can't Work Together?

If you’re one of those malcontents who’s always complaining that RINOs and liberals in Congress can’t work together and spend most of their time trying to get reelected, well, see how wrong you can be, dummy. 511 more words


Democratic and Republican Senators Try to Survive on Desert Island in Discovery Reality Show

Political gridlock has spilled over into reality television, as Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona (a Republican) and Sen. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico (a Democrat) announced on Thursday that they are the stars of a new Discovery reality show in which they will be marooned on a remote island for a week. 310 more words


Two Senators Go 'Lord Of The Flies' On Deserted Island For Discovery Reality Series

Congress! If only someone would just dump them on a deserted island and leave them there until they figured out how to work together.

Discovery Channel has. 392 more words