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Presence 5

The not-a-sequel sequel. All of these images are created to stand on their own. But Presence 5 could (but not necessarily) be the next moment for the character in Presence 4.

Bend 5

I really like the latter two shots in the series, maybe in part because they were a little trickier to achieve. Now I wonder where to take it next. 15 more words

Bend 4

Maybe the best part is the surprisingly little amount of post work (Photoshop) involved. I don’t have plans for any big reveals today, but I will say these look very similar to the way they were captured in the camera. 11 more words

Bend 3

Unlike the prior two shots, this one lacks the “backlit cloud” effect, giving a more straightforward result. I love that these images represent something created completely from imagination. 58 more words

Bend 2

The first two shots in this series remind me a bit of a Metallica album cover. If anyone knows Lars or James, let ‘em know I’m available for commissioned work.


And now for something a little different, and a little abstract. Sometimes I think the Internet is bad for artists, as I imagine Leonardo da Vinci posting his Mona Lisa on Facebook and counting how many “likes” it gets. 69 more words