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Is Jeff Mangum Exploiting Neutral Milk Hotel Fans' Memories?

If a significant number of people love anything enough, there will be a backlash against it. Perhaps that’s always been true, but it’s especially true in 2014, when unpopular opinions are practically a currency unto themselves. 1,539 more words


Revisionist History: 1998

Welcome to Revisionist History, a weekly series in which I review and discuss the music of each year of my life, from 1993 to present. 3,449 more words


Fanzine Ynfytyn 20

I made this zine last year, but it hasn’t been in print since Christmas, because I sold all the copies, and couldn’t find the masters. I found them again today though, so it’s back in print! 12 more words


MUSIC REVIEW | Neutral Milk Hotel – On Avery Island (1996)

Long before the word “hipster” became more overused than wax on a hipster’s moustache, they existed.  And the kinds of bands they loved existed too.  While the last decade or so has been all about The Arcade Fire, or Death Cab for Cutie, or The Decemberists, or My Morning Jacket, or any other number of twee bands filled with men who button their shirts to the very top, there was Neutral Milk Hotel.