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OH/EX/OH: New Horizon

The black orb decorating the cover art of this digital release by the mysterious OH/EX/OH, reminiscent of the monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the unfathomable ‘god object’ of… 388 more words

Jeff Mills announced for Dekmantel

Techno heavyweight Jeff Mills tops the bill in the second wave of acts announced for this year’s Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam.

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Ben Hindle

6 degrees of David Bowie

Ceci est une pseud’autopsie.

C’est mercredi et tout est permis. Mes derniers articles sur la Sainte Trinité de la Techno marque chez moi une volonté de me replonger dans les bases et d’explorer plus sérieusement les tréfonds de ce genre qui nous est cher. 311 more words

Les Pseud'autopsies De Monsieur Touintouin (#UneHistoireDeSamples)

Derrick May's Assertion About Techno Sounding Like George Clinton and Kraftwerk Stuck In An Elevator Is Not Accurate

My gracious, Mr. May’s assertion is certainly evocative though, is it not? Imagine, if you will, the refined germans ascending into the mothership and casting a rather cold european eye across the scene of tasteless adolescent american excess therein. 256 more words

Panic & Carousels