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This is an amazing soundtrack. I mean, simply awesome if you like music from this period. The variety is great and any album that has Charlie Sheen talking on it is worth it. 274 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Every day...

My featured image shows my desk… as you can see it is a bit of a mess, but you know what they say about an empty desk being like and empty mind? 287 more words

Bits And Pieces

Down the rabbit hole with "Glomar"

Caution: This post may remind you of “Pretzel Logic,” the Steely Dan album from 1974. (If you’re old enough.) For our purposes, pretzel logic means twisting logic into unrecognizable form. 1,520 more words

Kennedy Assassination

Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: January 14 in Classic Rock History

Bob Dylan and The Band played the Boston Garden on this night in 1974. This followed a collaborative studio album entitled what?

ANSWER: “Planet Waves” 247 more words


Oh, Kayne West Is A Singer?

A lot of folks in my baby boomer generation threw a humongous hissy fit when it was reported that some Kayne West fans professed not knowing who Paul McCartney is. 730 more words


50 years of tunes…1965-69...

So here goes…

…but first I’m going to subvert the rules a bit further with a few necessary statements of the (maybe) obvious.

The #50yearsoftunes game starts, quite sensibly, at 1965.   926 more words