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Introducing... Cover of the Week

We’ve all got opinions on cover versions. Not all of them useful or legitimate, of course.

For instance, one of those sardonic and conceited know-it-all engineering ‘but arty’ types at uni once declared quite without irony – in front of what he believed to be a captive audience – that covers of Dylan’s songs are invariably better than his own. 523 more words


Nuclear Newsreel, Friday, April 11, 2014

A very abbreviated Nuclear Newsreel today as I have to run off early–my band is playing tonight. Sound checks and fast food–ah, the life of a rock and roll star…. 581 more words

Nuclear Newsreel

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love

“Somebody to Love” is a rock song that was written by Darby Slick and originally recorded by 1960s folk rock band The Great Society and later by the psychedelic counterculture rock band Jefferson Airplane.


Fear and Loathing in Camp NaNo

I’m working hard on my novella for Camp NaNo right now. Completely lost in bat country and afraid to stop, I’m gonna make this post… 80 more words


Song 69 - White Rabbit.

I love this song because its a gothic horror that plays out right between your ears. Right in behind your eyes. Its equal parts terrifying and mesmeric. 475 more words